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I won't fall in love with you... Chapter 5

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Manyata's pov-

I got up to the rays of sunlight falling on my face. I stretched and heard a voice saying, "Ahah princess. Wrong move. Don't stretch. Or I would end up doing something you won't like, only… enjoy."

I immediately got conscious. I got down from the bed, all ready to pounce on him like a tigress. I made my way towards the dressing table, where he was currently applying some gel to his hair.

He was standing there, wearing black t-shirt with blue faded jeans. I saw that his usual smirk was missing. His smile was almost…fake. I noticed everything yet I kept quiet. He suddenly turned around and looked at me with hollow eyes. What the hell is wrong?

I wanted to fight with him, but before I could say anything, he said, "Please Manyata. Not today. Usually, I love fighting with you but today, I am not feeling like that. So, save it. I have to rush somewhere. Goodbye."

There was something gravely wrong with him. He was never this…quiet. He looked as if he was hurt. Was I the one who had hurt him? Did I do something wrong? Was I wrong in my assessment of his character? As he made his exit, I felt thoughts enclosing me.

After all, he wasn't the only one who was drawn in the kiss. Even I wanted it to happen.

God! What is wrong with me? Why am I thinking so much about a simple kiss-that-did-not-happen? Maybe, I need a shower. Yeah, that will calm me down.

After getting all washed up, I sat down on my dressing table. It was huge and there were all kinds of cosmetics on it. Uday had already taken care of everything.

A soft smile came on my face, as I realized how much that fine specimen of male species, took care of me. Why was he doing so, I had no idea. Why was he making my life easier?

Clad in a red transparent type, plain saree with beautiful blouse, I combed my hair. I applied all the cosmetics and even finished the effect with the jewellery. But when it came to sindoor, I felt different.

It was as if, applying that held some grave importance. I could not do it myself. I know it sounds very foolish, romantic and childish - but I had always dreamt that after marriage, I will make my husband apply it on my maang, every single day.

But, should I hold on to this dream? I mean, Uday is not exactly the one I wanted. Should I go and ask him to apply it for me? What if he said no? Or worse, laughed on me? Why am I even thinking about it?

I came out of my thoughts, as I realized that Udayveer had entered our room. 'Our' room felt so strange on my tongue. But then, everything belonged to us. God. I am hopeless. He was searching for some documents in the cupboard. I made my decision and went towards him.

"Udayveer?" I said in a meek voice.

Without looking up, he said, "Abhi nahi princess. I am busy. Baad mein lad lena."

This made me realize if I always fought with him. Had I really, never, paid attention to him? Was I always fighting? Now that we are married, this had to change. I refuse to fight with my husband, unless necessary. Despite my hatred for him, I cannot let myself forget that he is my husband.

I went and nudged him. As he looked up at me, I gestured towards the sindoor-case in my hand.

When he looked dumbly at me, I simply said, "Dekh Udayveer. Hum dono ek doosre se nafrat karte hain. Yeh shadi bhi nafrat ki buniyaad par tiki hui hai. Par iska matlab yeh nahi hai ki hum yeh bhool jaayein ki hamari shaadi sach mein hui hai. Aur main chahti hun ki tu meri maang mein sindoor bhar kar, apna farz nibhaaye. Yahi sahi hai."

He was shocked. Well, it's better than him laughing at me. He quickly came out his trance and smeared my forehead with sindoor.

Even though this was nothing, but somehow, this gesture felt intimate. I am stupid for considering it, but it felt like the most romantic thing for him to do. It was like we had overcome some kind of barrier between us and had moved one level ahead.

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