Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Difference btw intimacy and romance

Well, my Di and me were having a conversation about Romance in Ishaqzaade... so this is how it went...

Me : I was soooooo lost in the movie that except the intimate scenes, nothing made me hide my face :D

Her : I knew ki intimate scenes me aap blush zarur karengi :P

Me : Blush? I couldn't look UP! I was with Aashi and I was busy seeing that she has her eyes covered... which she had.. my baby. And they didn't get separated from each other for a whole lot of time! And man...!! I thought that they will eat up each other's lips! Gross. The entire movie hall was silent during those crucial grossing moments!

Her : **falls dwn frm d chair laughing my head off, holding my tummy, imagining ur expression** :P

Me : Oh.. you have NO idea. :/ It was so hell awkward..that i had to wonder whether it was safe to breathe or wud it make noise! I had this immense grossified look on my face. Euww man! They literally were sucking! Every time a song came, i thought ki yeh log ab phir se kuch zyada jazzbaati na ho jaayein! * horrified look*

Her : Mahak bas yaar, hasa hasa k murder karna hai kya mera? :P

Me : Aapko hasi aa rahi hai? I thought it was gross!

Her : U can only do that :P

Me : Do what?

Her : think romance as gross :P

Me :  It is! There is a difference between romance and intimacy. I hate intimate things! I mean, gross. You know what romance is for me? Well, I find it romantic when my mother lets papa steal a big spoon of ice-cream from her plate every time, knowing he already had the bigger share due to his love for ice-cream *apparently i got this ice-cream fetish from him* She always whines but always lets him. This is romance. Romance is when my papa hugs my mother when she is in full-fighting mode and keeps on being calm until she is over with her rant. There are many other examples. I find them romantic and not the lip-eating grossing thing. Sweet actions are romance. Not cheap ones.

To be continued as the convo moves further ... :D :D


  1. hahaha !!! :D :p XD .... thank god u saved me .. main to apne mom dad ke saath dekhne jaa raha tha ye muvi ... magar ab .... doston ke saath jaunga :p

    1. Hahahah :D :D :D Yeah... you better don't go with your parents. You will be a hell lot embarrassed with some scenes!

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