Monday, May 21, 2012

I Am Sorry....

Hi.. I am back with a poem. Well, this poem has got me so much of praises that it holds a special place in my heart. This poem is all about female feoticide and it's effect on a woman. Everyone blames a mother. We easily forgive the in-laws and others.. but we say 'How could the mother do this?' Well, I took this theme to explain the view point of a mother. The pain she goes through.

Earlier, even I used to blame the mother more than the in-laws. But since I started writing, I realized that there are things that I yet have no idea about. I can proudly say that my writing skills have matured me. Writing made me view the world with a different perspective. So, here I am. :)

Here begins the poem....

I am sorry

To my dear aborted child,
I am sorry that I couldn’t keep you,
Although I have been told to do the opposite,
Yet I just fell in love with you.

I never cared about your sex,
For, regardless, you were a part of me,
A part that I, wholeheartedly, cherished,
A part that completed me.

But in my beautiful fantasy,
I forgot a tiny detail,
That in this world full of people,
Some monsters also prevail.

They snatched you away from me,
Making my womb barren,
The amount of pain I am going through,
No one can even fathom.

You were not just some mass of cells,
As I have been taught to think,
I feel like a murderer,
And the world around me shrinks.

I can’t even begin to tell you,
How much it pained my heart,
When you were removed from my womb,
Throwing you in a world of dark.

Believe me, I was helpless,
Or else I would not have let you go,
If only you were here,
To witness the grief, I go through.

My soul was shattered,
When I threw you in a bin,
I had conceived a girl,
And that was my biggest sin.

I am sorry for being your culprit,
I couldn’t even protect you,
Despite being your own mother,
I corporated in killing you.

It was the most difficult thing,
To choose between my family or you,
And I am extremely sorry to say,
That I chose them over you.

Though I really loved you,
Yet they too were important in my life,
And although you were precious,
But before a mother, I am a wife.

God was so wonderful,
To give you as a gift,
Yet I chose to lose you, and for that,
I can just ask you to forgive.

-        Your mother

- Written by Mahak Goel :)

I hope you like this one as much as I do. And I hope it could make you understand the view of a woman. I hope it touched your hearts :) Infact, what I really hope is.. that you will understand 'her' rather than criticise her. Becoz honestly, no one frankly knows what she goes through. Even I don't.

I am just an amateur writer, who tried to pen down her feelings. I hope I succeeded :)

Do leave your valuable comments. I love reading them.


  1. Oh my God Mahi.. this was absolutely gorgeous. This made me cry buckets! This was the most beautiful thing ever written. How can you ever feel these emotions without even going through them even?

    1. Thank you so much.. umm... who are you?

      Well, I have this uncanny ability to empathize with anyone and anything. So, yeah. I wrote this poem due to that only :D

      Thank you so much. I am glad that you love my poem and find it very beautiful.

  2. u know mindy ... mah own cousin brother ... did this to his wife ... and his wife also wanted it to be done coz she had one girl b4 the one she aborted ... i am so ashamed of my family ... my mom told me that this is common here .. i was shocked to hear my mom sayin that ... i know one thing .. that the reason behind female infanticide is only and only Dowry system ... firstly Dowry system shud be stopped only then these killings cud be stopped ...

  3. and yeah .. i think that instead of crying ... if u keep those tears boiling inside ur heart ... burning in anger and hatred against this system .. then u can help more ...

    1. Shit yaar. That's crap and hideous thing to do! Dowry? True. But why is it the main reason?

      I know. I didn't cry. The incident when I heard that something like this happened, filled my heart with only hatred for those monsters.

  4. @Jassie- Thank you so much. Glad that you found it emotional :)