Saturday, June 23, 2012

9th, 8th and 7th day advance!

9th Day!

Aashi Goel- Happy 9-day advance birthday...!! ♥:) I am so waiting for my babu's birthday..!! ♥ Baby, you are amazing and lovely... and not to forget, the most important person in this whole world to me..!! Wishing you a very Happy birthday to you...!! ♥♥♥

8th Day!

Aashi- Happy advance 8-day bday :) ♥ I know that I may have started bugging you... but you know it's my love for you.. :) ♥ Wishing you all the happiness in life... May all your dreams come true... blah blah. I mean, I wonder why do people say all these stuff? I don't need to tell you all this, after all, you are my baby-sister! And ofcourse I wish all these things for you! :D So yeah, enjoy! love you a lot more se bhi zyada! ♥♥♥ :*

7th Day!

Aashi - Happy advance-7-days birthday :P I hope tujhe in posts ki aadat pad gai hai. Anyways, See, what all I do for you! I baked a chocolate cake today, so that I can see if it will come out the same on your birthday. I am learning from my mistakes so that on your birthday, it comes out perfect. I just hope this one is as yummy as it looks. :D

Anyways, what can I ever gift you on your birthday? You know that you just need to say it... and I will do it. Atleast, try to. *added this so that her little sister does not gets filmy and asks for starts type of thing* :P

You know, even though I am just 4.5 years elder to you, you still are like a baby to me. You have no idea how desperate I was to meet you, after you are born.. and hold you in my arms. And I am proud to say that, between papa-mummy and me, I was the first one to embrace you.

I love you baby... ♥ You were the first one to call me 'didi' even though you do not call that to me now. You were the first one to evoke feelings of possessiveness, love, care, share etc in me. I have been a pampered girl. Whatever I asked, I was given. But I didn't know how to share. But sharing my toys with you gave me such joy... which keeping them never gave.

Rest for tomorrow... As the day of your birthday is approaching, my posts will get longer :P Enjoy reading them :P:D:D:D

These posts are for Aashi (my younger sister) whose birthday is coming :) <3

- Mahak

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