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Chapter 13


Hey friends! Hope you remember me. Actually, it’s not your fault if you don’t. It’s been a year! I am writing this update for Yashfeen_adil… for she continuously asked me for an update on FB. Happy birthday to you girl! This is my gift to you, as you wanted. You must know how special it makes me feel when I come to know that someone loves this FF like I do. It makes me happy that I could make you happy on your birthday! :)

Coming to this FF- Well, writing this FF is growing more difficult day and day. I imagine and I write. This FF is at a stage where Mayank and Nupur have started developing feelings for each other. They are falling for each other. Personally, I am very cynical when it comes to love. Shocking? Yes. Even though I write loads of love stories, I don’t have anyone in my life. Infact, this FF is my dream sequence and hopes for my future. I only believe in arrange marriage. But writing about romance is not easy for me. Whatever MN talk, is a product of imagination and I blush so much while writing it down. I really have to think about the scenes. I am very romantic at heart, but MN needs something more. Don’t get me wrong, but I don’t believe in love… except that it exists in books. Maybe I will believe in it when and if I fall in love. But before that happens, it’s so difficult to pen down my own fantasies on paper. Now, before I get carried away, let me give you an update for this FF. Hope you enjoy! :)

Chahun Main Ya Na...

Nupur’s Pov-

As Mayank held her in his arms, she felt a blush creep up her neck. She felt shy as his mouth came closer to hers. His eyes were searching hers with intensity. She felt as he was looking through her soul. He gently pushed away a lock of hair that came on her face. He gently stroked her cheek and she felt her growing pink. His lips were mere inches apart and she felt herself drawn towards them. As he came closer…

I woke up with a start. I couldn’t believe it. What the hell was I dreaming? I am already dreaming of Mayank kissing me! Shit man! What the hell is happening with me? I am yet to be married to him. How can I even dream of such a thing?

But then, isn’t this what other girls dream about? How can I not view Mayank like that? He is my life partner. Within a week, we are going to be bonded for life. 

As I assured myself that dreaming about him in such a way is not a big deal, I heard my mobile ringing. I smiled when I saw “Mr. Perfect” displaying on my screen. Hmm… so maybe he is thinking about me too. But it was 5 AM in the morning! So… what? I reasoned and picked up the call.

I shyly said, “Hello.

He chuckled and said, “Nupur, I think it’s about time that you drop the formalities. What happened to my talkative Nupur?

I blushed. Yesterday, we had chatted till late in the night through messages. And I had flirted back with him. I had said many a things to him, which I couldn’t even dream of, saying infront of him. I smiled and recalled how much we had shared. Yeah, it was about time I dropped the formalities.

I said, “Hmm… but why are you awake at such a time? Aapko neend nahi aai?

He said, “Umhm.”

I asked, “Par kyun?

He softly said, “Mujhe neend usi vajah se nahi aai…jis wajah se tumhe neend nahi aai.”

I immediately spoke up and said, “Iska matlab even you were lost in my thoughts?

He said, “Iska matlab tum bhi mere baare mein soch rahi thi?

I blushed a deep shade of red. I realized that I had spoken out loud. Ohkay, This is so embarrassing! But then, how am I to know what to say? I turn a babbling fool when I am with him. I don’t know what happens to me. All I know is he makes me act like an idiot.

Before I could form a reply, he said, “Ohkay, you can stop blushing now. This is unfair cause I can’t see you right now.

How does he know that I am blushing? I am so shocked. Since when did he start to get me more than myself and predict my actions?

Mayank’s Pov-

Teasing her is one of the best things in this world. It makes my day. Infact, she indirectly confirming the fact that even she was thinking about me, made my day. I am falling for her. When I talk to her, I can totally imagine her standing infront of me. But before I lose my track, I need to ask something.

I said, “Nupur, are you even there?

She shyly said, “Hmm..

I said, “Nupur?

She said, “Aap boliye na.. main sun rahi hun.

Does she realize how much her “aap” kills me? In a positive way, ofcourse. I hadn’t thought that her not taking my name, would make everything so beautiful. I hadn’t realized how much her “aap” made me feel special. Her shyness takes my breath away.

I said, “Kuch nahi… maine socha call kar lun… isse pehle ki main aaj meetings mein busy ho jaaon."

She said, “Oh. Aaj aap bahut busy rahenge?

I knew she was distressed. If she thinks that I can ever be too busy to talk to her, she is so wrong. I will always have time for her. I can never be too busy for her. But the fact that it can affect her, made me glad. I mean, who wouldn’t be happy to know that his fiancée likes to talk to him?

I said, “Haan, busy toh bahut hun… par itna bhi nahi ki tumse baat na ho paaye.

I could sense her blushing again.

She shyly said, “Aap bhi na..

Before I could say something, she asked, “But aapko yaad toh hai na ki aaj aapko dinner par jaana hai?

She remembered! I can’t believe how caring one can be. I had told her yesterday that today I have to go to a friend’s house for dinner. She cared enough to remember and remind me about it. Her caring nature makes me feel blessed. I feel as if my presence and absence matters to someone. Everything I do, affects her. She makes me fall for her.

I smiled and said, “Hmm.. actually I called you for that reason only. I was wondering agar tum bhi mere saath chalti is dinner mein toh…all my friends are coming in couples. So I thought, it would be for the best if you come with me. Ishika would have met you too and even I wouldn’t have felt left alone. So, will you come with me?

There was silence on the line. Had I crossed some line? Should I have not asked her? It is wrong to ask your fiancée to a dinner? I was thinking of some ways to cover up and apologize, when, the line went dead. I felt like my heartbeats had stopped.

Before I could call her up again and apologize, I saw a message flashing on my screen. It was from her. With shaking hands, I forced myself to read her text.

It said – “I will always be there by your side, whenever you need me. You don’t even need to ask. I will be ready by 7.

Her answer made me feel like the luckiest person in this world. She felt shy to answer me directly, so she had messaged me. She was finally opening up to me. She made me ecstatic. This was definitely more than just ‘like’. I was falling in love with her.

At night-

Mayank’s Pov-

I was waiting for Nupur in the drawing room. Aunty and Gunjan were fussing over me. I was trying my level best to concentrate on the conversation but I found my eyes searching for her. I was early. But I knew that Nupur is very punctual. I found myself staring at the stairs, when I saw her descending.

The scene was mesmerizing. She took my breath away. She was clad in a white anarkali suit with silver border. She was wearing long diamond earrings and a small diamond pendent that adorned her V-shape neck. A simple pearl bracelet was clad delicately around her wrist. Her hair was long and flowing, as usual. It was parted on right side and fell on her face.

I could see looking at me from her long eyelashes. Her eyeliner brought out her eyes and the kohl made it seem that you can drown in those chocolate brown eyes. A pink lipgloss was stained on her lips. The overall effect was ethereal. I felt as if an angel was descending the stairs.

I was the one who had asked her to wear white tonight. I wanted her to match my white shirt and black suit. But I had never imagined that she would look so breathtakingly beautiful. She was looking like a dream come true.

I have no idea what happened. I was so lost in my trance that I don’t even remember how we got to sit in the car. I don’t remember anything. I was intoxicated by her fragrance. It was very difficult to even describe her perfume. She had told me how fond she was of strong male perfumes. I hadn’t realized how much I like it too.

As I started the car, I knew I was speechless. Even if I wanted, I couldn’t utter a single word. I was dumb-struck by her beauty. But I knew that it was a long drive to Ishika’s place. I didn’t want to make her bored. So I switched on the radio.

…Tu hi yeh mujhko bata de… chahun main ya na...

Apne tu dil ka pata de… chahun main ya na…

The song filled the car and I found myself looking at her. It’s strange how a random song can convey your feelings more than you can. The song conveyed the deepest feelings of my heart. Looking at her, I found that she understood. 

…Itna bata dun tujhhko… chahat pe apni mujhko…Yun toh nahi itkhtiyaar…

Phir bhi yeh socha dil ne… ab jo laga hun milne…poochun tujhe ek baar…

Tu hi yeh mujhko bata de… chahun main ya na.

Apne tu dil ka pata de… chahun main ya na…

I knew that she could feel it in my stare. She could see it in my eyes. I felt like I was asking her the question of should I love her or not. I couldn’t risk it. I realized how afraid I was. I didn’t want to fall alone. I wanted her to fall for me too.

I wanted to know if she was ready. Ready to fall for me too…

….Kisi se bhi milne ki na ki thi koshishien…

uljhan meri suljha de… chahun mai ya na…

Aakhon aakhon mein jata de…chahun main ya na…

It was true. I hadn’t ever tried to find as many excuses to meet someone, as much I make to meet her. I could have easily gone to the dinner alone like in the past. But somehow, I didn’t want that to happen. I wanted her besides me. Always.

I hadn’t realized but I was singing the song aloud. My voice reflected my deepest concern. I knew she could feel my question and my fears. After all, she was going through the same stage too. It’s strange that in arrange marriages, one doesn’t realize how much uncertain he is about the other’s feelings.

I gazed in her eyes and searched for my answer. I wanted it now. I wanted to feel assured too. I couldn’t afford her shying away now. The music was testing my feelings.

She kept her hand on mine as the female part of the song came. I felt myself shivering. Her hands provided warmth. For the first time ever, she had touched my hands on her own. I felt a connection to her. I looked at her again.

She smiled and sang along the next few lines.

…Mujhko na jitna mujhpe... utna is dil ko tujhpe…hone laga aitbaar…

tanha lamho mein apne…bunti hun tere sapne…tujhse hua mujhko pyaar…

poochungi tujhko kabhi na… chahun main ya na… tere khwaabon mein ab jeena…

I found that I had got all the answers to my questions. I could see the answer in her eyes. I could hear the love in her voice. She is my own personal Nightingale. My shy Nupur had finally spoken aloud.

She had finally confirmed what my heart knew all along. She was slowly but steadily falling in love with me too. I wasn’t alone in feeling that way. She had started dreaming about us too. Now I could rest all my fears aside. I just had to reach for her. And I knew that she would be there.

It made it a lot easier to fall in love with her, because I knew that with every step I fell, she was falling along too.

I kept my other hand on hers in a reassuring gesture. We felt the connection. She blushed and I smiled. After a while, I restarted the car and we went on our way ahead. 

Third person’s Pov-

They had a long way to travel. But they both knew that now, the journey would be worth taking. They both were falling for each other.

With a constant smile on both of their faces, and a lovely song playing in the background, it was a memorable journey. They had moved from being a couple to being together. 

They both were enjoying their togetherness. Finally, they had started enjoying the journey more than the destination.

It wasn’t a question anymore... whether they should love or not. Because… deep in their hearts, they both were already half-way there…


To be continued…

I am so sorry for not including much of Nupur’s pov in this update. Actually, Nupur was very busy blushing. I couldn’t include her even if I wanted. She would have simply blushed and not said a thing. Plus, I wanted Mayank to give way to his fears and feelings. I personally believe that it’s not only a girl who is afraid of her new life. A guy must feel something like that too. And my Mayank is like that.

Hope you like this update. I am so in love with this song that I just can’t stop humming this one. I tried blending this song in the update to suit the FF. You must have noticed that every update of this FF, is like an OS… which can be read separately too. Well, that was my idea so that everyone can enjoy the updates. Hope you all like it.

I really missed writing something. It’s refreshing to write this FF after so long. I thought that I had forgotten how to write or lost my muse. But I guess I can never lose my inspiration because I firmly believe in everything I write in this FF.  :)

Even though I lost the right to ask this… but can you please comment on this update and make my day? And please do not forget to press the LIKE tab. I will try and update sooner. Love you all, and missed you all.

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  1. Awesome..this is defo something i wanted..i m so so so happy after reading it...cnt stop using the word awsm..aahhh u made my day m blessed...m happy m a mayurian and i got to read this..simply beautiful :*<3

    Love YASHFEEN :D

    1. Thanks a ton yaar!! I am so glad that you loved it :)

      I am glad that I could contribute in making you happy and your birthday as special :)

      Me a Mayurian too... But AM has never been about MN to me... it has always been me and my dreams ;) :D

      Thank you!! :*

  2. Dear mahak

    I have read you Many a time expressing your views on various subjects. One thing you deserve is appreciation, the way you collect and express your feelings is above normal.

    Despite the fact that you have still not accept my friend request, I still feel to say that the narration was superb!!

    Reading the tag line initially gave me the feeling that it should be some intellectual piece of writing but out of box I have experienced something new.,

    One thing contradict me that the person who express her so nicely and is so vocal about her feeling and ideas how could she claim that she is shy and introvert but the positive impression what you have make me believe that you can lie..and you deserve all the happiness from life..


    Ps: I don't wanted to post it on fb, and I don't find any message option for me so I have to put it here, hope you won't mind and smile.. As always..;)

    1. Dear Reflection,

      I am so glad that you have read my works. It makes me feel ecstatic to know that you like my way of expressing my thoughts :)

      I do want to know what is your real name, so that I can rectify my mistake and accept your friend request. :)

      Lol... I don't generally do the intellectual stuff. I am happier with romance :)

      Thank you so much. Actually I am shy and introvert when it comes to strangers. And that too, I am improving. Tc. Stay blessed and be happy always :)

      Ofcourse I don't mind! Why should I mind such a beautiful compliment? I don't compliments on my works. :) Yeah, I have locked my message option due to in-numerous amount of messages being received.

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  4. Dear Mahak

    After reading ur each update I end up craving for more n more....I just love the way you express their feelings....the progress in their relationship is described very nicely....everything is just so apt..only one word comes in my mind PERFECT....i am an introvert n i can completely relate to nupur's character.... this is my favourite fiction....i will cry if u leave this incomplete


    1. Hey Dua,

      Thank you so much for saying all this. You have no idea how much all this means to me! :) I am glad that you think that I am able to describe the emotions with intensity and clarity. Thank you so much!! I won't leave this incomplete since I am in love with this one, myself. It is my most fav one! Thanks a ton for the review!

      - Mahak

  5. NM <3

    I finally read the update...
    Its beautiful
    I love your way of writing as usual... Having both their povs and then a third person pov...
    Nupur's dream was sooo cute and right...
    Mayut's phone convo was awesome and sooo touching.,,
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    NM (Mahima)

    1. NM <3

      Thanks a ton NM!! I am so happy that you loved the update! :) I am ecstatic that you loved this one! Haha,.. mayank always looks gorgeous in Nupur's pov ;)

      Love you. Thanks a ton for such a wonderful review :) <3