Sunday, October 20, 2013

Zanjeer (2013)

Zanjeer (2013)

When I first downloaded the movie, I thought if it was really worth it. See, the thing with me is that if a movie becomes flop, I am too curious to see it. I mean, I keep on wondering that what factor made it a flop. I never go by the standard norms, I mean if we all follow reviews, who would form review?

So, it’s like I downloaded the best available version of it and got ready to watch it. After watching it, I must say, it was definitely worth watching!! I really don’t understand how the hell the movie went un-appreciated. I mean how could anyone go for that crap “Shudh Desi Romance” in place of this? (Yes, I don’t like that movie much. Highly illogical! It’s like if you are that much in love, why fear commitment, plus the storyline was crap. But then, I won’t discuss that right now.)

Ohkay, I have three criteria for watching a movie:
1.       Looks of hero (I am a girl, ofcourse it matters! Who doesn’t want to watch a really cute kind of guy on screen, who would capture all your attention from the very start? Someone who acts as an eye-candy?)
2.      Looks of heroine (Now, you won’t like a hot guy romancing with an ugly duckling, would you?)
3.      Genre (I totally love “Comedy Romance” genre, since I am a hopelessly romantic girl with stars in her eyes. But then, if the first two criteria’s are fulfilled, I would probably even go for the movie irrespective of the genre.)

Now, back to the movie.

The movie starts with this sizzling hot guy having a nightmare. The background music is fabulous. His action sequences make you drool. The first two songs aren’t that catchy, but I happened to dance while sitting. (Yeah, I am crazy.)

Throughout the movie, the acting is superb. The impact is amazing. The hero makes you blush (Yes, he looks that cute while delivering his dialogues). The dialogues are very powerful.

The hero (extremely cute Ram Charan) meets the heroine (Sizzling hot PC) after she witnesses a crime and reports about it. The scenes are initially, extremely funny and adorable. I love the interaction between the two. And then, as always, love blossoms.
The hero wants the heroine to go away when he faces some stupid villain’s wrath. But the heroine stays back and makes him smile. He is at his best when he is with the girl.

Oh man! I am so in love with the pair! I would love to watch another movie of this hero. And ofcourse, I am forever in love with Priyanka Chopra who always manages to live her role to the fullest!

I always had this suspicion that the villain is the hero’s parent’s murderer and viola, I was right. (I am hardly ever wrong at guesses. Not even Ekta Kapoor’s twists are unpredictable for me.) I was praying that the villain doesn’t harm heroine and thankfully, God urm the writer heard my prayers and nothing like that happened. No good people except the reporter was killed.

The people behind the movie must have worked real hard for the impact was amazing. I loved the sound impact and the visual too. The hero is damn too adorable and when he smiles, he breaks hearts of girls. Off duty, he looks dashing. But then, so does the heroine. (I love Pc’s white net saree in a song.)

Sanjay Dutt is a real powerful character in the movie! I don’t like the villain though. Since I have seen the other movies of this villain, he is such a weak character! I mean, the hero was so strong that he deserved a more powerful villain.

My verdict:  Are you serious? I have downloaded this movie man! I am so in love with it! “Yeh lamha tera mera” song makes me go crazy! I am definitely rating this movie as a must watch! But ofcourse, if you are old and prejudiced and compare it with the zanjeer of Big B, you would find it lacking. (When my family told me that they can’t watch this movie because this guy looks nothing like Big B, I was like “Sure he doesn’t. He is hot and extremely adorable.” I agree that no one can match upto Big B, but it’s like he isn’t a hero anymore! Not for me atleast. I mean seriously, how can anyone of today’s generation, find Big B hot? No offence, but he is like... old!! Old maybe gold but it’s definitely not hero.) Old Zanjeer maybe a cult movie but this new one is refreshingly good. So yeah, download and watch it. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. (I have to yet watch a movie I don’t like. But that’s not the point. This movie was rocking!)

- Mahak :)


  1. I haven't watched d movie yet though ewr storyline helped men to come to a conclusion whether to watch diz movie or not.. ohk m going wd ew.. I'll b watching it (y)

    1. Thanks a ton.. If you do happen to watch it, do tell me how did you like it :)