Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

So, Today is the day when I get to show my appreciation to you. I know, there are people who criticize people celebrating these days, claiming that one should love their parents everyday. Well, in my opinion, it's not about the love you have for your parents. Ofcourse you love them everyday. The day is special because everyday can't be special. This day, atleast we can make an effort to thank and show our gratitude towards our parents, which we don't do every day. Anyways, back to the thing.

Dear Papa,

Wish you a very Happy Father's Day. You have always been there to support me and my dreams. You have been my personal Santa. I have been spoiled rotten by you, for you tend to give me everything I want. 

During Christmas Eve, you used to stuff my socks with candies and chocolates so that I can live my fairytale of 'Santa giving me candies'. Well, I have always loved candies more than any gifts. I love you for letting me maintain my faith in magic.

You have fulfilled every desire and dream of mine. You have given me more than I ever wanted or deserved. I fight with you when you don't give me what I want, but that's because you have always given me whatever I ever wanted. (I still want my car, asap.)

I remember the Mr. Monkey which you gave me after I walked, exactly 1000 steps, like you promised. But then, you always fulfill your promises, don't you? The best part is, we are too alike. I am exactly like you. I am your carbon copy, says everyone. We have same likes, same dislikes, same favourite colour, same way of completing work, same methods about stuff, etc and yeah, (unfortunately) same nose.
I remember trying to put on your shoes and my legs being too short to take a single step in them. I remember you laughing at my antics and loving me. I have reached your shoulder length today. And still nothing has changed. I will always be your little girl. I still never go to give any exam before having a forehead kiss from you. It was, it is, and it always will be my lucky charm.
Thank you for everything you have done. Thank you for being there.

Thanks for being the best father in the world. 

I love you Papa. 

I don't need to say more, for you know how much I love you.

 Your Princess.

I am not sharing my picture here due to obvious reasons.

- Mahak

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