Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wings Of Passion [One-shot]

Hey guys!

Seem surprised to see me here again? Well, you better get used to it...for i ain't going anywhere else!

I was terribly bored with nothing to do, so i penned this down.

Hope you enjoy it as much as i did :)

I wrote it in Mills And Boon style, so drop your views if you like my more mature version :)

It's all about the amount of passion one can have.

It's all about romance.

It's all about loving each other with a burning passion. 

It's all about coming closer.

And it's all about two people who can't keep their hands off each other.



Well, we all love something or someone. And I got someone who loves me more than his own life. For me, that's my husband Ethan. He loves me like anything. He is rich, fair, tall, handsome, loving, caring and he is damn sexy. Well, what can I say? I just got lucky.

"Giselle", said the voice from my back.

When I turned around, my dear husband was standing there. Umm, he was standing there half naked. He was leaning on the bathroom door in just a white fluffy towel dangling low on his hips. Yeah, he bathes before sleeping though I wonder why. But leaving that aside, Oh my Gosh! He is hot.

I just went there and kept my hands on his chest. I couldn't help when my fingers started doing their favorite job- to trail along his abs and six packs. Well, not my fault exactly. His chest was wet! I couldn't possibly be a woman if I can resist him! Not that I have to, he is my own husband after all.

He kept his hands on my waist and pulled me closer. I loved when he did that. He smiled mischievously and let his dimples dig in. Ethan started gazing passionately in my eyes. And by the look in his eyes, I knew that he probably wanted me for the dinner.

I murmured, "Hmm?"

I started fiddling with his hair. His fingers started to give attention to my tingling spine. He wrapped me around and kissed my neck softly. He started leaving butterfly kisses along my neckline. As he dipped in, I felt a gasp of air releasing me.

Even after so many months of our marriage, he still held the power to make me feel weak on my legs. He could still make me moan, just by his little actions. Man! My husband is surely something.

He released his hold and said, "When you trace my abs like that, I momentarily forget everything. But perhaps, you could like to continue this in a closed door? We wouldn't like your brothers to interrupt us, would we?"

I immediately went and closed the door. My brothers, Aaron and Edward, live with us and they had this habit of entering our room without even knocking. I hated when they did that. But thankfully, they haven't ever entered our room at a wrong time.

When I turned back, I knew suddenly that a fire raged within the Ethan also and this was what I had longed for. Skilled fingers found and stroked the sensitive nub with a touch that sent waves of sensation escalating through my body, and he caught my husky moan with his mouth in an explicit oral supplication.

I couldn't help letting a tiny 'Mmm", escape from my mouth.

I tipped back my head as I spoke and my lips were ready and waiting for his. As if there were no hurry, his mouth was very gentle against the softness of mine. Yet once again a shaft of lightning seemed to shoot through me, half rapture and half a pain.

Then I felt his lips become more possessive, more demanding. I felt as if my whole being was leaping with a strange ecstasy towards him. As he kissed me and went on kissing me, I surrendered myself completely and absolutely to his magnificence. Every second his lips became more demanding, more insistent.

Now I could feel not only the lightning shooting through my body, but a warmth rising within me which became a flame burning its way through my breasts, up into my lips- so that it met the flame on his.

He was so witty. He didn't use force...he didn't need to. He only had to touch me and I went up in flames. He is an addiction from which I could never break free. Only he could raise my temperature so that it shot off the scale with only the caress of his lips and tongue.

But before we could continue any further, I heard a knock on my door. Damn! I looked at Ethan, and his eyes were dark with desire. I have never seen him so - well, 'hungry' would be the perfect word for his look.

Nevertheless, I went and opened the door to find Aaron smiling sheepishly. He entered the room and looked at Ethan skeptically. Yeah right! Ethan's towel was a little disheveled, courtesy me.

Aaron said, "Well, I hope you two weren't doing anything important which I interrupted."

Ethan sarcastically replied, "Nope, nothing important at all. After all, we already have been married for few months and every ounce of passion has died in us. Why would we do something that normal couples do at night, in our own room?"

Way to go! Ethan absolutely hates when anyone interrupts him while he is doing two things. One, kissing me. And secondly, making love to me. And at his reply, I couldn't help getting red. By the way, he loves when I blush. And I could see Ethan planning to throw my brother outside and continue where he left.

Aaron replied, "Gross! Dude, I need not know what you do with my sister. I just came here to tell you that Edward and I won't be home for three days. We just have to leave right now. And we wouldn't be in contact, so I don't want my sister to worry for us."

I asked Aaron, "And why won't you be home or in contact?"

Aaron replied, "Well, you see, we are both going on a honeymoon with some girls. And we don't want to be disturbed. And taking a mobile definitely means interruption. And I hate interruptions during, you know."

At this, I saw Ethan discretely turning off his mobile. Clever! He turned to face Aaron, who gave him an 'I-am-going-to-pretend-that-I-never-saw-that' look. My brother's face scrunched up into distaste. Although I am married to him, my brothers had a hard time thinking that their little sister could be involved in 'not-so-innocent' acts.

Ethan said, "Now, if you said what you wanted, can you leave, now?"

Aaron immediately replied, "Calm down. You have three days of freedom. And don't worry, I am going. Even I can't bear to stand in this charged room, any longer."

I smiled at Ethan's eagerness to make Aaron leave. Sometimes my dear husband had a hard time in controlling his hormones. And as soon as Aaron left and I closed the door, Ethan pounced on me. Quite literally! He gave out a low groan at my blush and traced his finger tips on my cheeks.

He asked, "Hmm...So where were we, before your brother interrupted?"

But I needn't answer him. He immediately set into action. He started kissing me fiercely. He made his way from my cheeks down to my collarbone. His kisses were full of passion and desire. God! I have never seen him so charged ever.

His warm breath teased tendrils of the hair close to my temple. And heat coursed through my veins as his lips settled against the curve of my neck. And before I knew anything else, we were on bed.

And then his fingers went through a familiar trail...

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