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Book Review of 'Falling' By Sharon Dogar By Mahak

Falling by Sharon Dogar

Ohk, this is the first time I am ever writing a book review. So, pardon me when I am wrong.

Now we come to the book.

I am fond of reading books. So, when my best friend bought a book called ‘Falling’ in the school, I just couldn’t resist myself.  I immediately borrowed it from her.

I was wondering what was different. But then, I read the summary.

Summary:  Neesha is afraid - haunted by the fragments of a nightmare about a girl falling, far away and a long time ago. Just when the echoes in her head threaten to overwhelm her, a boy unexpectedly comes to her rescue. Handsome and talented, Sammy finds himself strangely drawn to Neesha - but it's only when they come together, that they begin to realize why. Are they falling in love or being pulled into the past - fated to replay a love affair that ended in blood?

Pages: 344

Publisher: Chicken House

Release Date: 6th April 2009

Needless to say, I found it intriguing. Who wouldn’t? I just HAD to read this one.

My assessment: Must be something related to re-birth. Or the girl must be haunted by ghosts or something.

But for the life of me, I couldn’t have ever expected THIS!

When I started the book, I was intrigued. It grasped me from the first page itself. 

And before I knew it, I was engrossed in it. 

This was the first book which I ever completed in one time itself. 

It was as if, the book wasn’t letting me go. I couldn’t do anything. I was so absorbed in it. I didn’t even realize how 4 hours went away.

And when I completed the book, I was like ‘WOW’. 

The entire day, I just couldn’t do anything. My mind refused to work. My heart refused to listen. And I was lost. I felt all the emotions. Each one of them. 

So, anybody, who enjoys a detail description of feelings, should read this one. 

‘Falling’ is all about love. 

I thought that the girl must be extrovert, always whining about the thoughts that haunt her. But then, I was wrong!

Neesha is a young, careful, introvert and quiet Pakistani girl. She is kind of invisible to everyone else. [Not in literally sense.] And she hardly ever speaks! She is so quiet that at one point of the book, I thought that she was mute. But no, she does speak. Although, only to Sammy.

Sammy is a popular, extrovert, charming British boy. Even his point of view is clearly described in this book. He is simply amazing. He understands Neesha when others ignore her.

They both have grown up together. And now are at high school. 

The stories of Neesha and Sammy are very different. Their point of view is given in first person, so we can actually understand their way of thinking. It strikes a chord of connection between the characters and the reader.

Somehow, the story of Sammy’s grandfather, Kefin, and his life is also entangled in loops in this story. 

The barriers that stand in Neesha and Sammy’s way are both cultural and psychological.

Do they dare to step beyond the fences their upbringings have put around them?
The psychological threat comes from Kefin, a boy who seems fated to replay the past, and whose story is perhaps the most heartbreaking of the bunch.

A touch of magic is added in the book. Neesha, can see through other people’s eyes and determine their thoughts. Her mind is not only full of her own thoughts, but also of the people around her. But this clearly doesn’t mean that she can read minds.

Questions do arise in your mind. 

What actually happened? 

Would their love achieve everything?

What’s the past?

Why is Neesha quiet?

How is the past and present tangled?

For the life of me, I couldn’t keep this book down, even for a single minute.

I was taken from past to present and then from present to past. Kashmir was the place where the past was woven.

This book is very complicated and VERY intense.

This book is so amazing, beautiful, enchanting that I can almost find myself getting short of vocabulary. 

The horrible events were so brilliantly told that I found my heart ache. And that made it uncomfortable. The harsh reality was very beautifully portrayed. 

According to a review I read, “The flicking between two different stories, times and places was done effortlessly. Sometimes I barely even noticed, it was such a smooth transition. If you want to read a book that will take your breath away, Falling along with Sharon's debut novel Waves, fit that criteria perfectly. I can't recommend them enough.”

And well, Falling does take your breath away.

I never found any book so far, as intriguing as I found ‘Falling’ to be.

Well, even after the book is complete. You would be lost in your won world. There are so many questions that would arise in your mind that you would be confused.

It’s so intricately woven that you can’t help but awe this book.

Although it’s off the theme, still ‘Falling’ is the most romantic novel ever, in a different way. The most intriguing and most mysterious novel award goes to Falling too.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead. And BUY this book.

My rating: Needless to say, its 5.0/5.0 for me. This book is just P-E-R-F-E-C-T. No flaws, nothing!

- Mahak


  1. 1st of all the name is rng its neesh nt neesha!!

  2. its a gr8 buk!!!!!!!!!

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  7. l'amour ce livre !!!!!!!!!

  8. @Anonymous- Yeah the book is awesome... but it's neesha only...

  9. would probably buy it then till T O morrow...

    1. Wow. You are lucky to get a copy of it :)

    2. hmm.. i searched it on the net .. it was 400 something rupees ... and i hav only 401 left in my pocket money this month ... :p so instead i bought 3 books in that 401 which are - THE IMMORTALS OF MELUHA , THE SECRET OF NAGAS , and the best one strongly recommended by my friends - I TOO HAVE A LOVE STORY . .. all 3 in 401 ! :D Falling bookstore jaa ke hi lena padega coz net pe scholastic waali hai ...

    3. Hey... It's of 250..!! I know this..! :D

      I dunno about the other two... but 'I too had a lovestory' is am amazing book..!! I think I am going to write a book review on it soon.

      Yeah, Falling is from scholastic only. It's an amazing book. I am searching for it's ebook version to keep it in my collection. You know, I love reading novels :P

    4. yeah .. i got ITHAL day b4 yesterday and i completed it day b4 yesterday ! and u wont believe even till now my brain is tryin to convince my heart that RELAX DUDE , IT WASNT U WHO LOST HER ! JUST CHILL ... and my heat replied - EASY 4 U TO SAY ... really ... thats the saddest story i ever heard or read ..

    5. Exactly.! I know that feeling. N think... I was the one reading it and i am a girl. I shudnt cry..!! I shouldn't have cried that much..!!

    6. N try 'P.S. I love you' by Celcia ahern. You will cry buckets.

    7. buckets ! lol .. ive to try it then ... ive watched the starting part of that movie ... some fight and then romance and then a power cut off ! great isnt it ? :D

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. Well, the movie isn't half as good as the novel. The novel makes you cry and leaves behind a note of sadness yet hope.

      Lol.. the way you told.. the movie sounds good. But I didn't go through the movie when I heard that there are scenes with him. N her husband was only in her memories in the novel. So no thanks. Novel it is.

    10. and now PS I <3 U is in my hand ... nice cover ... will start reading it from evening and i hope that ill end it till tomorrow morning ...

      ps- well i wanted to tell you about other book i mentioned ... "the immortals of meluha" It is a potpourri of myth,fantasy,history,romance,fiction,adventure and philosophy ... based on Lord Shiva , the writer wrote it in such a way that it looks like it might be possible in reality ... how Lord Shiva becomes Mahadev from a normal human .. how was Indus valley civilization that time ... and how the caste system was made that time is perfectly told by the author in this book ... i strongly recommend u this book if u r interested in myth and history and wanna seek out reality in them ... i read it and its a little boring at start but after 20 pages it will become a page turner ...

    11. Ps i love you is a fab book... try it... n u will love it..

      Wow... the book seems soooo interesting!

    12. yeah it is , indeed .. annd i ve completed PS I LOVE YOU ... 30% i guess :D

    13. HAHAHA.... I knw. It is very boring... yet beautiful. It took me a night to complete. Coz half of the times, I felt myself dozing off... but I controlled myself for I wanted to complete that novel and give it back to my cousin.

      I felt so sad after giving it away. And next thing I knw, my frd gifts me the same novel on my bday, as a gift.. saying that i loved the novel. isiliye. :D

    14. aww nice !! well yeah .. its borinng .. yet gud :D