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E.N.V [Chapter 7]

Recap [In case you have forgotten the story] : Arth's pov is shown in this story. He is a troubled boy, sitting on the rock when he meets Pankhudi. they go to her house, where he tells her about his problems. Pankhudi, irrespective of her lack of eyesight, gives him a different vision towards life. He starts liking her very much. And then she tells him about her dark past, which leaves him shocked.

"Yes, I was sexually assaulted."

I couldn't ever see that coming. I felt like the ground had slipped away from my beneath. I don't know what to say. How could someone do that with her?

The silence was prevailing. The atmosphere had changed. Something bone chilling was happening.

Before I could speak anything, she told me.

"Hum jaante the ki yeh sach sunne ke baad aap bhi humse baat nahi karna chahenge."

I felt shocked. Is this what she thinks of me? Am I such a man? Heck! That bas***d had marred her soul.

"Aisa kuch nahi hai. Hum yahi soch rahe the ki aapke saath koi aisa kaise kar sakta hai. Aap kitni innocent hai Pankhudi. Koi aisa karne ki soch bhi kaise sakta hai?"

"Humein yeh toh nahi pata ki kyun…par kaise usne humein bahut takleef di. Humein hairani toh is baat ki hai ki aap abhi bhi hamare paas khade hain. Aap humse dur kyun nahi bhaag rahe hain?"

What? Did people really have hurt her to this extent? How could they?

"Kya? Aap hamare bare mein aisa soch bhi kaise sakti hain? Hum dost hain na?"

She continued…seemingly she had not heard what I had said. Or chose to ignore it.

"Aapko pata hai kya? Hum bahut khush the…apni aankhein kho dene ke baad bhi, humne zindagi se haar nahi maani. Humne har pareeksha di…sab kuch saha. Par, kabhi himmat nahi haari, kyunki hum jaante the ki Baba kahin par bhi hon…woh humein haara hua nahi dekh sakte hain. Aur hum kabhi bhi unki haar nahi hone denge. Par phir…woh aaye hamari zindagi mein."

She took a deep breath before continuing.

"Ek farishte ki tarah aaye hamari zindagi mein…ek dost ban gaye. Humari zindagi mein rang bhar diye…humari zindagi ko ek arth diya…humein pyaar ka matlab sikhaya….aur phir nafrat ka ilm bhi kara gaye."

What had he done? If a girl like Pankhudi could hate him, he must have done something really pathetic.

"Kya hua tha?"

She started narrating her story.

"Kahan se shuru karein is kahani ko? Yeh kahani sunne ke baad…shayad har koi hamein hi dosh dega. Bhool thi hamari…joh humne unpar aitbaar kiya. Par kusoor hamara bhi nahi tha…woh aaye hi the is kadar.

It was night time. I was just roaming outside. When I felt someone following me, I moved on towards my house and shut the door.

Us waqt darwaza tha hamare ghar mein…bas ab nahi hai. Koi fayda nahi hai na.

I could hear the loud banging on my door. I was petrified. Aur hua wahi jiska hamein darr tha. Ek insaan humara ghar mein ghus aaya…usne humare saath zabardasti karne ki koshish ki. I was helpless and bitterly pleading with him to leave me alone.

Humein yeh toh nahi pata ki kyun aisa hua…bas itna pata hai ki us din pehli baar humein apni bebasi ka ilm hua. Humein takleef ho rahi thi. Dard kya hota hai, us din humein pata chala. Pehli baar humein apne andhe hone par dukh hua.

But then I heard someone coming. The person, who had removed my veil and was trying to rape me, was removed from my body. And someone had come in my life as an angel. He beat the crap out of the guy and helped me stand up. He wiped my tears and gave a new life to me.

Us din nahi pata tha humein, ki jise humne apna Bhagwaan maana hai, woh humein zindagi mein sabse zyada takleef pahuncha dega. Jisne aanson poonche the hamare, wahi humein zindagi bhar ke aanson de dega.

To be continued...

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