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E.N.V [Chapter 8]

"Kahan se shuru karein is kahani ko? Yeh kahani sunne ke baad…shayad har koi hamein hi dosh dega. Bhool thi hamari…joh humne unpar aitbaar kiya. Par kusoor hamara bhi nahi tha…woh aaye hi the is kadar.


It was night time. I was just roaming outside. When I felt someone following me, I moved on towards my house and shut the door.

Us waqt darwaza tha hamare ghar mein…bas ab nahi hai. Koi fayda nahi hai na.

I could hear the loud banging on my door. I was petrified. Aur hua wahi jiska hamein darr tha. Ek insaan humara ghar mein ghus aaya…usne humare saath zabardasti karne ki koshish ki. I was helpless and bitterly pleading with him to leave me alone.

Humein yeh toh nahi pata ki kyun aisa hua…bas itna pata hai ki us din pehli baar humein apni bebasi ka ilm hua. Humein takleef ho rahi thi. Dard kya hota hai, us din humein pata chala. Pehli baar humein apne andhe hone par dukh hua.

But then I heard someone coming. The person, who had removed my veil and was trying to rape me, was removed from my body. And someone had come in my life as an angel. He beat the crap out of the guy and helped me stand up. He wiped my tears and gave a new life to me.

Us din nahi pata tha humein, ki jise humne apna Bhagwaan maana hai, woh humein zindagi mein sabse zyada takleef pahuncha dega. Jisne aanson poonche the hamare, wahi humein zindagi bhar ke aanson de dega.

He helped me get up and recompose myself. He lend me his coat to hide my torn clothes. I graciously accepted his coat but I couldn't help and stop my tears.

And before you ask, yes, I have tears. My eyes show all emotions and perform every other function, except seeing.

He wiped my tears. When his fingers met my skin, I felt an electric spark going through me. And then, he hugged me and roamed his hands freely on my back to console me.  I was afraid, terribly afraid. He seemed to guess this, so he gave me my space.

He said, "Dekhiye, aap rona band kijiye…kuch nahi hua hai. You are fine. I am there."

But at the moment, I was terribly afraid. What if next time this happens again? What if, next time, no one comes to my rescue? What if, he hadn't come there on time? I was horrified.

Amongst everything, I heard him sigh and lean closer to me. And the next thing I knew, his lips were on mine. But, never in my life had I expected myself to respond to the kiss, he had started.

It was as if he was giving me comfort and I was taking that. But as soon as I came to my senses, I broke apart and pushed him. I had recoiled myself.

He took a deep breath and said, "Yeh nahi hona chahiye tha. Look, I am sorry. I was just trying to console you. I can't see tears in anyone's eyes."

I tried to smile. Yes, it was indeed wrong.

I remembered that I had to thank him, so I said, "Thank you…aaj aapne hum par ek bahut bada ehsaan kiya hai. Aapne aaj humari izzat bacha kar, humein ek nayi zindagi di hai. Hum aapke shukraguzar hain. Aapko shukriya karein bhi toh karein kaise? Lavz hi nahi hai humare paas."

He said, "Yeh toh humara farz tha. Koi bhi insaan ek ladki ke saath aisa hone nahi deta. Aur agar aapko humara shukriya karna hi hai, toh kyun na aap hamari dost ban jaanyein?"

I smiled and said, "Friends."

Us din humein laga ki humein ek naya dost mil gaya hai. Unhone humein jeena sikhaya…roz milne aate the humse. Unhone kaha ki unka naam 'Rudra' hai…par humne unhe hamesha hi 'Arth' kehkar bulaya. Kyunki unhone humein hamari zindagi ka arth bataya tha.

Hum unse mohobbat karne lage the. Aur humein jab pata chala ki woh bhi humse mohobbat karte hain, humein laga ki maano humne sab kuch paa liya hai. Woh dhai aksharo ne humein zindagi de di thi. Bahut khush the hum. Aur humare beech wahi hua joh har ek prem kahani mein hota hai…some stolen moments of life from here and there…few kisses….few hugs.

To be continued...

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