Friday, July 08, 2011

T.S.A [Promo]

Sometimes we don't know who loves us and ignore that person just because we can't think that he can love us. But love involves heart and not mind. Isn't it? [By- Mahak]

Nupur's pov-
I saw a letter kept on my table. I slowly picked it up and read its contents. As i went through it, a shiver ran down my spine. Can someone really love me? And that too, this much? I gently touched the paper, as if it was my most precious possession. I know that i should feel weird that my secret admirer is sending me letters, but i am not feeling weird. I feel happy and contented. Who could be my secret admirer?

Secret Admirer's pov-
I could see a smile gracing her lips as she read my letter. Now the day isn't that far when she falls in love with me. Even if i have to wait for a lifetime, i would wait for her to fall for me. Maybe then she can see me the way i am.


Obviously, this is a small teaser. I hoped that you enjoyed this one, cause i surely did. Till i write up the part, keep waiting :)

I am sorry that even after so much wait, i just had time to post a promo. But i would post the part soon.

As you all are expecting, the next part will be longer and it would cover up the letter and Mayank's somewhat feelings towards her.

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P.S.- Although i said sorry, but the entire fault is of Zoah. She had the responsibility to update next part, but as you can see, my sister is damn lazy. So i guess i have to update the next part as well.



  1. Awesome lines in the beginning by Mahak :D

    Lekin i wonder. Can someone fall for a person they dont even know? !

    Lets find out :)

  2. @Harsh Sir- Thank you :)

    Kyun? Dil thodi na shakal ka mauhtaaj hota hai!

    Besides, she knows him...closely...she isn't getting it yet :)