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KWPT [Chapter 4]

Purple is presentPink is past

Time passed like it had wings. One more year passed with our unbreakable bond of friendship. He became the monitor of the class, but nothing changed between us. We still shared Tiffin together, still shared everything together and still sat together. But we only got one year older and got into a new class.

This time a new phase in my life came. For the first time in my life, I noticed a change in Mayank. He felt much more possessive for me, he couldn't tolerate if anyone ever said anything to me. Earlier also he was like this, but not this much! I felt like a baby around him. He gave me all the liberties but not to any other girl. Infact, girls used to now ask me my permission before talking to Mayank. Strange! But not when I came to know the reason of that possessiveness, I never knew that anyone could love me! How could anyone love such a stupid girl? I am not even cute even alone beautiful!

He was the monitor in the class. And in our college, it was like a monitor had the full rights to do anything. He could scold students for talking in the class; he could ask us questions on the subject and write our name on the blackboard if we didn't answered it, which resulted in a scolding from the teachers. He could do anything. He was now next to a teacher. He had dignity, power and everything else; everyone was bound to listen to Mayank.

But for me, my sweet Mayank never changed. "My" because he was my best friend only and no other person was his best friend. We still talked casually. And being a monitor's best friend, I had some special liberties also. He made sure that he never wrote my name on the blackboard even if I was talking. That's my friend.

Once when I was talking with Gunjan, he didn't write my name on the blackboard; but he did write Dia's name on it. It resulted in a fight and he took my side. Dia said, "Mayank, why don't you ever write Nupur's name on the blackboard? Why is it always us but not her? Why this partiality?" To this, Mayank said that, "so what? Your voice is too shrill and Nupur's voice is too soft to be audible. If you can talk like her, then I won't even bother to write your name here."

This caused the "oooooohhoooo" and other stupid voices in the class. This thing irritated me the most. I hated it and I felt like anger rushing up my nerves, but I and angry in open? No ways! Nupur, the miss goody good girl, had to be quiet again, never to answer back! Stupid Nupur! I wonder that why do I have to be always so nice? Why can't I let the evil me overpower me and answer back? Why have I to be dumb and quiet like always? This is insane! I wonder that which century girl am I!

I am so plain, ordinary, simple, traditional, cultural and moral values type girl. A girl typically found in Ekta Kapoor's shows; the one who never answers back but always listens to everything. Damn me! Pehle Gunjan aur ab yeh log. In sab ko aakhjir ho kya gaya hai? Well, but Mayank is not like me. He answers back if someone offends him and especially if someone offends me and today people offended our relationship. Mayank said, "What type of mentality you all have? Can't a girl and a boy be just friends? If they can't be, then why the heck do you study in a coed? Study in a boys or girls college. Nupur is my best friend and I won't tolerate if anyone tries to offend our relationship. Only we know what we are to each other. You all are disgusting! Sick mentality! Keep your mouth shut or else I would be forced to write your name on the blackboard." This made everyone quiet.

But this incident was preceded by many incidents where the students teased us to be a 'couple'. Can a boy and a girl can never be friends? Those who think that if a boy and a girl are friends, it means love, then let me tell u that this type of mentality is disgusting. I mean, what's the need of studying in a coed school when u can't even talk to boys? Sick mentality and sick people!
No one was allowed to go to anywhere, even washrooms, in the absence of the teacher in the class or else the monitor would be penalized if he fails to give a proper reason for his permission. And I too never violated this rule. But once it happened that I had to go to the washroom and even Suhani had to. When she asked Mayank if she could to the washroom, he denied. And this made me wonder if he would allow me; after all, this was against his duty.

He knew me well like I said. He came close to me and asked, "Nupur, tell me one thing, what's bothering you?" I shook my head trying to imply that it's nothing. I better not open my mouth for a lie because I know it would be useless to tell a lie with him. He bent down towards me and our face had a distance of only few inches. We had never been so close till now. His breath was constantly falling on my cheeks and it was making me feel a little timid and warm. Other students were busy writing their homework so luckily no one had seen us. And I was sitting on the back seat alone; alone because he is my partner, remember?

He was quiet close to me and I could feel his breath. No shivers were running down my spine for excitement, but I was damn nervous. I was wondering if Mayank was in his proper mental status or not. What had gotten into Mayank? I was unable to bear such closeness. I said, "Mayank, what's the matter?" He came closer to me and whispered in my ear, "Sweetie, don't bother to hide anything from me. I know you by your facial expressions. So just speak up."

And I knew that he did come close to me for a reason. He wanted me to hear those words which he never said and I could never hear. He wanted me to feel his breath and see if it makes a difference to me. But of course, it never did! Cause for me, Mayank was'is and would always be only a friend.

I told him that I wanted to go to the washroom as I was feeling giddy. He said, "Is that it? And why were you so hesitating? You never need to ask me anything, just order me! Of course, you can go." And I smiled and said, "Actually, you denied Suhani, that's why!" Mayank said, "Don't ever compare yourself with other girls. You r not just any other girl in my life, you are everything in my life. And you have a special place in my life. I can never say 'no' to you."

Those words touched my heart like anything. I knew what he tried to imply. He meant that I am important to him. And what's wrong in that? Isn't that a concern a friend has for another friend? And I am lucky enough to have a friend like Mayank in my life. I so love him as a friend. He always cared for me, and always made sure that there is nothing that is bothering me. Why the hell didn't I never understood the true love behind those things? I only thought it to be friendship, but for you it was love. Kaisa who pyaar tha? Aur aakhir kyun tumse mujhse pyaar tha?

I said, "But what about the teacher? She would definitely scold you and I won't let that happen. And besides you have denied Suhani and if you would allow me, then she would feel bad and I don't want her to feel bad. I am just feeling like vomiting, so I would go if I need to." He looked a little hurt and his face showed something I couldn't read.

I always saw that look in movies where the girl offends the hero and hero thinks in his mind that 'how to tell you how much I love you'. But me and Mayank in love? Not possible! I would never fall in love at any cost. And besides, as much as I know Mayank, he is sweet with everyone. So no point that he loves me!

I wish I could feel his love. I wish I could realize the true love he bore for me! But perhaps my age was not suitable for love. I mean I could never think that in such an age, love can happen leave alone falling in love. I know many of you must be thinking that why the hell I couldn't realize his love? It was because my age was such that at this age, I could only believe in friendship. Love was an unknown word for me.

He said, "Can you for once think about yourself before others? Why do you think so much about others? Why have you to be always so sweet and polite? I am here to help you na? Don't worry, the teachers wont scold me, but they would definitely scold me if I don't let you go. How can I forbid teacher's favorite student 'Nupur' from going anywhere? And you are feeling vomiting? Why? What happened? Did you eat something wrong?"

He shooted me with loads of questions. I said, "Mayank, would you let me speak anything? Sweets, I am not feeling well since yesterday. No, I didn't eat anything that would make me unwell. And I am not going anywhere because that wouldn't be right for Suhani. And, I think that one must think about others as well. Do the things in such a manner that even you don't mind having the same thing in return. Haven't you paid attention in moral lessons class? The first chapter itself said that 'do good and have good'."

He smiled and said, "Did you notice that this is the first time you called me 'sweets'? And I loved this thing! Have you taken medicines? Ya ya, I was busy watching you in the moral lesson class so I couldn't possibly pay attention in the class. Thank you for telling me this miss goody-good. And I am permitting Suhani also. Happy?"

I now wonder that how easily he could catch up words. He always caught my words. But I, the stupid girl couldn't even try it out. He spoke to me yet I failed to catch it up while even my unspoken words gave him pleasure. My words were meaningless and purely for the spur of the moment, yet they made him happy. While his were always so deep and I couldn't catch them! I am so damn strange!

I smiled and said, "You know that I believe in natural things? You know that I never take medicines. I always get well on my own, maybe it takes time, but it's natural. And were you busy in watching me? When would you stop kidding? And are you permitting Suhani? Happy? Very happy!"

I noticed something shine in his eyes. He said, "I am so happy to hear that you are happy. Sometimes it's better to take medicines. I know that you can be alright by not having anything; still I think you must have medicines, atleast for me. And I am not kidding yaar, I really love looking at you. Now can you go before you vomit? I don't want to sit besides a stinking girl." He laughed and I hit him on his hand.

Then I too started smiling and said, "What do you find so pleasing in watching me rather than reading books?" He knew that I was damn eager about this. He said in a serious tone, "Actually I love your innocence, your eyes which only says the truth, your smile which is so captive that it starts from your lips but ends into mine, your expressions which speak themselves out, your beautiful hairs which keep on troubling you and try desperately to move themselves back. But the most important thing is that I simply love your talks. You speak too less but when you speak, you seem to make cutest faces of all and make me lost in a different world. And many more things. Do you want to hear them too?"

I blushed a lot but I knew that he was lying, or I thought so. I said, "No need of exaggerating. You are such a flirt but you know that there is no chance of you with me." I smiled but I saw his smile disappearing from his face. I wonder what I said wrong!

He said, "I know." Then he muttered something which I couldn't hear. But what I could hear was 'that what's hurting me to think that I have no chance with you.' But I ignored it, thinking it was my imagination. But why did I hear this? Was it true? No! It can't possible be.

I smiled and went towards the washroom.

Seriously, sometimes Mayank did have a hidden meaning too. God knows when would he ever say thing straight. And when would I ever take it up easily? Its quiet confusing man! They say it right- I am too nave!

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