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KWPT [Chapter 5]

Purple is presentPink is past

There were moments in my life where I felt our relationship to be stronger than I had ever anticipated. Each moment now brings a tear in my eyes. Why the hell did I did that? I still curse the time when I did something I shouldn't have had done. But can time ever come back? No! But then also I always come up with tears in my eyes whenever I remember my fault. But I was a kid, ya ya'..a kid who was loved but never realized that love.


There were many moments where he saved me from everything. Whether it was some teacher's scolding or even his duty! Ya, I am telling the truth, he used his position to save me. As much as I knew him, Mayank was a person who never used to use his power for anyone. But he did it for me! I always wondered why, until I knew that he loved me!

Years were passing as a river. Now we were 12 years old. But nothing could change between us. We were famous and people used to give our names as examples for friendship. But did we care? Nope! We ignored others and remained the best of friends.
There was a rule in our college that until the teacher enters the class, the monitor needs to mind the class and also has to ask questions from the syllabus. And Mayank being the monitor, always used to do so. He knew which thing I knew and what not, so he always asked me things I knew and explained me things I didn't, in private.

Once it so happened that Mayank asked me out a question I didn't knew. He never wrote my name on the blackboard, but the teacher came to know about this by my fellow classmates. Actually, Swati told this to our teacher just because her name was on the blackboard. As a result, the teacher asked me to get out of the class! Yup, you guessed it right, it was the same teacher!

But Mayank being Mayank, tried his own ways to protect me! Someone try to hurt me, and Mayank would be my knight in my shining armor! He tried to persuade the teacher. As much as I knew him, he never did this thing even for himself! Please someone tell me that I wasn't too blind to notice this at that time!

Mayank stood in front of the teacher and said, "Mam, actually its not Nupur's fault. Actually, mam, I was the one who told her, the answer to this question. So it's entirely my fault." I watched him open mouthed. How could he do this? Stupid, idiot, duffer, atrocious, outrageous etc etc.

I tried to open my mouth to say something but he stopped me from saying anything! I knew the language of his eyes. Then why couldn't I read the love in his eyes? Maybe because I was too young to know the real meaning of this word. [My thinking] Love is just a word until you fall in love. You can know about love, but you can feel its essence only when it touches your heart. I muttered so many things to him! How could he take the blame on himself again? He knew that last time he made me cry and feel guilty! I so hate when someone gets hurt due to me. And this boy, Mayank, always did hurt himself due to me! Stupid boy!

He was the teacher's favorite student, so she thankfully didn't scold him a bit! She made him sit down next to me. I am going to show Mayank what this thing would cost him! How dare he do that? Why? I so hate him! But do I really hate him? NO! I possibly can't. He is the sweetest person alive on this Earth. But this time he can't get offhand. He has to explain. He has to'..

I was bent on my decision of punishing Mayank for doing this. It was sweet of him to do this but I didn't want him to save me from everything. I wanted to bear the punishment so that I could be more concerned about things. I wanted to bear everything that is caused by my actions. I knew a perfect way to tell him how displeased I was with him.

I decided that I won't talk to him at any cost. And maybe even my destiny wanted it so. I ignored him completely during every class. It was hurting me to ignore his cute attempts of pacifying me but I knew that I have to be strong. I can't let him do this every time. He can't be the knight in my shining amour every time! I need to learn how to do things on my own. I need to learn how to mend my mistakes, only if could mend this one.

He tried as much as he could do pacify me. But little did he know, or perhaps he knew perfectly, that when Nupur gets angry no one can be spared of that thing. I mean how dare he take the blame on himself? He didn't even think that it hurts me! I can't tolerate if he is hurt! He is my best friend for God sake! He tried but I refused. It was actually my mistake to let him assume that I was angry.

His cute-cute hand made cards, his cute-cute gifts of pencils, his cute antics, his cute expressions, his melodious songs for me, his non sensible poems written for me, his apology letters, his conversations with me, his ways of making me smile, his ways of making me blush - oh I miss them all! But I enjoyed them all. He was so sweet that he used to anything possible for me. Everything means everything! I can't believe that I lost him due to Gunjan! Now I know you must be confused as how? Then let me tell you everything ranging from that day to this day!

Well I pretended to be angry with Mayank and he tried all his might to pacify me. On the other hand, Gunjan started ignoring me. Well, Gunjan and I are the best of friends. We were best friends since nursery. She meant more than Mayank did to me. When I was trying to avoid Mayank, just to teach him a lesson and tell him that I need to learn how to owe up for my mistakes, I realized that these years snatched Gunjan from me. So I went up to her.

She was happy due to some reason and I was happy seeing her happy. It always makes my heart happy and contented to see my friends happy. It gives me more pleasure than my own happiness for sure. I reached her and asked, "What's the matter sis? Is there something I don't know?" she smiled at my attempt and immediately hugged me. I was so happy. Little did I know that this hug would cost me so much. Can we rewind the time? Can gone time come back? Oh I wish!

When we broke off, I gleamed with happiness. I saw something shining on her face. I asked her, "Gunjan, are you going to tell me or not?" she smiled and said, "If I won't tell you, then whom would I tell? Well, the fact is'" she took a long pause after this and then said, "I am in love!"

I was shocked to say the least! Love and at this age? She is mad or what? I asked, "Gunjan, are you in your wits? Love and that too at this age? And who is the person you are supposed to be in love with?" I wish I could have never asked this question. I wish! Oh! Why can't time be rewinded?

She looked a bit puzzled and then smiled. She said, "Nupur you won't understand because I know that you can never fall in love. Well, love can happen at any age. Love is nothing but feelings. And feelings can erupt at any age! You are so silly na! I am truly in love. But can you help me get him?" I was shocked but satisfied. I still don't think that love can happen at such an immature age.

I looked a bit confused but asked her, "ohk. I am not still satisfied, but tell me the name of that person. And I would help you get him because I am your friend." I truly wish I never said that! She was happy more than words. She paused a bit and said, "Well, you know him. Actually he is one of your best friends. He is none other than'." Why do people pause at such crucial moments? WAIT! Don't tell me'.don't tell me he is what I am thinking him to be! Oh please my guess be wrong! Please! Gunjan smiled and excitedly added, "He is Mayank!"

She said while I stood there as a dummy! I felt nothing. I didn't love Mayank, so what was the problem with me? Why did I felt umm'.pain? Why those two minutes did give me absolutely numbness? I don't know the answers to these questions even now. Well, Nupur you owe her something.

Gunjan asked me, "Will you help me?" this was a million dollar question! Would I help Gunjan get Mayank? Umm'why not? Ya sure! As far as I knew, Gunjan and Mayank were two opposite poles, but someone said that opposites attract, so maybe. NO! I smiled and replied, "Ya sure Gunjan, I would help you get him. But make sure that you don't break his heart. Okay? But what do I exactly have to do?"

She hugged me in joy and said, "Oh! You are the best friend a girl can get! How can someone be so sweet? I won't even break his heart! I love him! Well, you don't have to do anything. You just stay away from him so that we can spend time together. Because you know he spends most of his time, no, rather he spends all of his time with you. Will you do this for me?"

Avoid Mayank? Is she joking? I can't live without talking to him! Damn! Stuck! I smiled and said, "Okay. As you wish. I would ignore him as much as I can do." I wish I never did that! How I hurt his feelings! Gunjan muttered a thanks and went away, while I was there recalling everything that happened right now. But I am a girl of promise so I would do as I said.

Now don't think that I am a goddess or something. But yup, I am a type of girl who can sacrifice her love for the sake of friendship. And here, I didn't even loved Mayank! So I had absolutely no problem in leaving Mayank! Gunjan loved him so why not they be together? And I knew Mayank believed in love! Now don't be shocked that how do I know! If Mayank knows me, it means that I too know him that deeply!

Well the days went off like that. I stopped talking to him, I stopped sitting next to him!
He was disturbed but I knew better. Only I know how I avoided his attempts and started avoiding him. It pained me, but could I do anything? I had promised Gunjan that I would not tell Mayank about this. It gave me tears to see him sad and hurt due to me. I was feeling sorry but I was doing it for the sake of my friendship with Gunjan.

I wish that at that time I could think to maintain my friendship with Mayank also. I hate one thing about myself, and that is if I start to help one of my friend, I don't even think that it might hurt someone else. Or maybe me! But my avoiding nature brought Mayank and Gunjan closer. I was happy for Gunjan but somewhere I felt pain. I was perplexed why, but now I know the reason for it. It was not love but somewhere I knew that Gunjan won't take care of Mayank's heart. This is what I can say today!

Mayank was still trying to talk to me. I didn't know why, but even after giving him so much of pain, he couldn't avoid talking to me. I wanted to know the reason for it so I confront him. And the reason he told me shocked me beyond words. He told me that he loved me! How it happened? Well it took place when I was in canteen.

 PRECAP- Mayank suddenly held my shoulder and said, "That's because i love you Nupur. I love you a lot." while i stood dumb and shocked.
Hope u got excited with the precap.....yes mayank would confess his love for nupur in the next update.....and this confession would be the cutest u have ever read.....although i am the one who wrote it, but i am happy and proud that i wrote such a confession!
This story is very short as i said and would be ending within two or three tell me if u want me to continue it....Embarrassed
That's all for today!
I hope this part is upto the mark!
This part somehow is a step towards the end of their past and start of Nupur's present.


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