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T.S.A [Chapter 1]

Sometimes we don't know who loves us and ignore that person just because we can't think that he can love us. But love involves heart and not mind. Isn't it?
[By- Mahak]


A girl gets up from her bed and rushes towards the bathroom. She takes a bath and comes down in the temple. She rushes to her parents and takes their blessings. And then she goes back to her room and changes into jeans and top from a beautiful orange color suit. She is well built and zero size figure girl. Her complexion is like the snow on the mountain and her hairs are like the thickest of black fog. Her face has utmost charm and innocence. She looks beautiful. She is none other than Nupur Rati Bhushan.


Nupur's pov-

I am going to be so dead today. I am getting late for my college and this Mayank is not coming! Fool! What does he thinks of himself? Does he have any idea how much I hate when I get late? Yup he does! He is my best friend after all! But still he doesn't know one thing- I can't afford to miss a chance to Brad. Brad is the most charming person you can ever see and no wonder that I have a crush on him. I wish he notices me one day. I hate when Brad is busy with his current girlfriend, Isabella.

Isabella is one of the glass princesses and I hate glass princess. I mean can't they have strength? Isabella is a person who is 'touch-me-not', 'see-my-expensive-dress' type of girls. She sucks! Well, Mayank knows how much I like Brad and he helps me to get him. Did I tell you that Isabella likes Mayank? Well, it may be a shock as Mayank is so simple yet smart type of a boy.

To talk about Mayank, Mayank is very sweet and helpful. He is very rich yet he has no attitude problem. And Isabella is a complete opposite to him. Mayank has a fair complexion unlike other boys. And he doesn't even come in a car! He thinks that it may spoil his nature and fetch him attitude! But how can he change? He can never change. No one can change him, except me. He can do anything for me. And he became my best friend instantly when I joined the music club.

We have our own band where he plays the guitar, I sing, Aaron plays the keyboard and Samantha plays the congo. We have a blasting time together. Well, to tell you a secret, Samantha and Aaron are a pair. They love each other too much and I am glad that I know about their love story. They are a pair of cutest lovers possible. All the cute eye locks and blush can be seen in Aaron's and Sam's love story. I love that time and we do practice for it everyday at 5.00 and I am the late one there.

Well, I practice at my own house or at Mayank's house. I live alone in my house but sleep in my parental house because they want me to be protected from all the thieves in UK. Did I tell you that I live in UK? Well I do and I love that place man! It's a beautiful place and has huge buildings and huge architecture. I love this place like mad but I like India as well. Whenever I get time from my college, I go to India to visit my grand parents.

I am a little modern and a little traditional by nature. Well, on a traditional side, I love to visit temples and pray to God for my parent's welfare. And on a modern side, like other UK girls, I too want to have a boyfriend. Well, its not that I am not beautiful, I am pretty as said by others, but the problem comes that I am not visible anywhere. It doesn't mean that I am invisible or something, it means that I am too busy to mix up with others apart from my group and wear nothing jingly to enter the hi-fy group.

I have a very tight schedule down my routine. I hardly have time to make friendship with others. Oh I so hate when we aren't allowed to sit in the garden. Well, the garden is owned by Brad, Isabella and some other glass princesses, so they won't allow the non-famous students to enter the garden. And I am a journalist too. Well, apart from singing, my only other passion is to write, so I write articles to be published in our college newspaper. Well, our college owns a newspaper where teenage flings, crushes, love stories, breakups, awards and all are published of our fellow mates. Weird, isn't it?

But here is how my life is, starting from stupid stuffs to non stupid stuffs. Well, right now I am waiting to meet Mayank, my best friend apart from Samantha and Aaron. We four have rocking time together. But I secretly wish Brad to be with us only. Mayank is cute but Brad is hot. I so wish Brad to notice me.

Mayank is supposed to pick me up from my house today as I have punctured my car. And now I can see Mayank coming in a car. Wait, car? Let me interrogate him. He was wearing black shirt and grayish sort of jeans. What's the occasion? Mayank always dresses up like a geek, but today something was different.


A handsome boy descends down the car. He is smart. He is intelligent. He is hot. His charming face and attractive personality is something no one can resist. He is wearing a black shirt with grey jeans. His complexion is white and he possesses smartness personified. He looks like a Greek God. He is none other than Mayank Arjun Sharma.


Mayank's pov-

I saw Nupur staring at me. Ma was right, like always. I need to impress her, and then only I can win her love. I need to look good. I must work on that also. She was wearing violet collar top with blue jeans. She looked beautiful as always. She was looking at me as if her eyes were x-rays, trying to scan everything. I know why she is confused, but I better not say that.

I asked her, knowing everything yet trying to be innocent, "what? Why are you staring at me as if I am a ghost?"

Nupur said, "What do you mean? Why are you so nicely dressed and coming in a car?"

I thought of teasing her. I said, "How mean! I always look dashing, ok?"

Nupur was getting irritated. She said, "Mayank, come to the point. Why are you looking….umm….different?"

But did I stop? No! I am going to irritate her. I said, "I always look like this only! I have same two eyes, two ears, one cute nose, one lips and two hands and etc. What has changed Nupur?"

Nupur was damn angry now and she shouted irritably, "Mr. Mayank Arjun Sharma! You better tell me why are you coming in a car and why have you dressed up so nicely? What's the occasion?"

I knew that according to ma, I need to counter reply. So I said, "Miss Nupur Rati Bhushan! Nothing has changed. I am coming in a car because my bike wasn't working and ma said that I need to use a car now onwards or she will not talk to me. So I had to come in a car. And besides, I have changed my style for good."

Nupur was now satisfied. She thought for a while, smiled and then said, "Hmm…so this is the matter. You look too smart Mayank. But why are you so late?"

I was shocked that she forgot today! I said, "Do you have any idea which day is today?"

Nupur innocently added, "Monday, why?"

I smiled a bit and folded my hands across my chest. And I asked her, "and what do I do on Mondays?"

Nupur was confused for a while. But then something dawn upon her and she said, "oh freak! I always forgot! How could i?"

Now I was satisfied. I said, "Exactly, how could you?"

Nupur got angry and said, "Mayank! You fool! Couldn't you come a little earlier? I thought that we would go together for shopping for Aaron's birthday. What about the surprise song for him? Did you wrote it down or I have to do it?"

This girl can talk so much in one breath! She always amazes me by her speed. But I have to do something. I need to prove myself in her eyes so that she can love me.

I said, "Let's go and talk in the car."

And without saying a word, we sat in the car and I turned on the AC.

I said, "Nupur, I have done everything. You don't have to take the tension as I have bought the gift and also written the song. You just need to see that song."

She read my song and gave me her sweet smile. She kissed my cheeks and said, "Thanks Mayank, you are such a sweetheart."

If only I could add that 'I wish to be in your heart forever.' But her kiss was sweet and it was obvious between the two of us.

The rest of the journey passed by silently.


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  1. Nupur is a good singer too? And Samantha is a very nice name :)

    That is one weird magazine that they have..about the latest crush-stories :D

    Mayank's mom seems to be kinda cool :)

    @ Mahak- what is so special about monday? mujhe abhi bhi nahi samajh me aya !

    " But her kiss was sweet and it was obvious between the two of us. "...cute :)

  2. @Harsh Sir- "Too" matlab?

    Thanks :) Samantha is the name i have grown to like. Courtesy, Sonal :D

    Mayank's mom is coolest on this Earth.

    Aapko samajh mein aa jaayega...dheere dheere :)