Wednesday, July 06, 2011

True Friendship [Poem]

This poem was written by thanks everyone who made my birthday special :)

To have a true friend is something very divine,
I am a lucky girl who have some of them as mine.
It's hard to find one true friend who is there to abide,
While I am having many of them by my side.

I am a lucky girl as I may say,
They are with me throughout the day.
Only in the night they have to sleep,
While they are embedded in my heart deep.

Deep as an ocean is their love for me,
Now i know that some plans were made for me by Thee.
The day we met was a day to cherish,
After that my sadness perished.

I am innocent as called by you,
But I can see the things through.
You all love me and that is for sure,
I wonder how much your love is pure!

I can't explain through the words,
How beautifully you touched my heart's chords.
How you showed me a new phase in my life,
Where only friendship is there to abide.

I really never thought that I can be so close to someone,
But with you all I always feel special and a blessed one.
Thank you so much for coming in my life,
Deep in your heart I love to dive.

You kept me in your heart rather than your brains,
Your love gave me lots of fame.
I am so happy to be a friend of you all,
Now I am not afraid to attend the God's call.

Even if He calls me up today,
I have memories to keep me forever happy and gay.
Thanks for being my friends and coming in my life,
You made my life bright like the sunshine.

- Mahak


  1. Hehehe another sweet one...

    they say that you are innocent...nothing wrong :D

  2. @Harsh Sir- Thank you...this was the second poem I could ever dare share.

    When it comes to sharing poems, i feel like i am sharing a part of me, so i hardly share them. This was the first one written.

    Who says? Who is innocent? What's not wrong?

  3. @ Mahak... Oh is it ..nice :)

    looks like poems flow effortlessly from you !

    And this is what I was talking about..

    "I am innocent as called by you,
    But I can see the things through.
    You all love me and that is for sure,
    I wonder how much your love is pure!"

  4. @Harsh sir- Yeah, I can hardly ever write a poem and not rhyme. Rhyming is one thing, that comes automatically to me. N i love this thing.

    Ohh...yeah. *sheepish muh* They do. They treat me like a kid.

  5. @Mahak- Nice. Now try different rhyming schemes like you write the stories in different styles :)

    And you are a kid :D

  6. @Harsh Sir- Yeah, I do try that. Some times, I rhyme the first & second, third & fourth lines...while sometimes second with fourth one and so on. I do try to be different.

    Hoye re! Me a kid? What makes you think so?

  7. @ Mahak- heheh ! you are a kiddo :) just a mature one !

  8. @Harsh Sir- Theek hai...*hmmpppphhhhhh* Although , I am mature. *grins*