Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Words In My Diary

The words in my diary

Some people in our lives don't touch our heart.....but our soul. Some people are such that they live in our heart forever even if they are not together. Some people are there who are with you.....though not physically but morally....forever....throughout every thick and thin. And I am blessed to have some people like them in my lives. Those people supported me throughout every thing. Each gesture of them showed only their love which they bore for me. I don't have any wish to see them...u know why? Coz they are always present with me. They are with me thorough every thick and thin. And they are most precious to me.....even more than my family to me. You must be thinking that why? It's because their actions are purely symbolizing their love and not the formality. Sometimes we don't even see the people around us. We can't recognize them personally. To see a true face of a friend, bad times are the best thing to see that.

To have a true friend is something very divine,
I am a lucky girl who have some of them as mine.
It's hard to find one true friend who is there to abide,
While I am having many of them by my side.
I am a lucky girl as I may say,
They are with me throughout the day.
Only in the night they have to sleep,
While they are embedded in my heart deep.
Deep as an ocean is their love for me,
Now i know that some plans were made for me by Thee.
The day we met was a day to cherish,
After that my sadness perished.
I am innocent as called by you,
But I can see the things through.
You all love me and that is for sure,
I wonder how much your love is pure!
I can't explain through the words,
How beautifully you touched my heart's chords.
How you showed me a new phase in my life,
Where only friendship is there to abide.
I really never thought that I can be so close to someone,
But with you all I always feel special and a blessed one.
Thank you so much for coming in my life,
Deep in your heart I love to dive.
You kept me in your heart rather than your brains,
Your love gave me lots of fame.
I am so happy to be a friend of you all,
Now I am not afraid to attend the God's call.
Even if He calls me up today,
I have memories to keep me forever happy and gay.
Thanks for being my friends and coming in my life,
You made my life bright like the sunshine.

And then she kept her diary aside....and she spilled some of the tears in her was the best day in her life....her friends had given her such a gift that touched her heart. Little did anyone knew that she always loved the gifts which touch her heart more than the things which are materialistic. She wanted to have love and not at all gifts. She wanted to have true friends and not friends who are with her, yet not with her. She knew that it does not matter if those friends were away from her in a different place....all that mattered to her was that wherever they lived, they had some place in their heart....meant only and only for her. She didn't used a fake name to introduce themselves to those strangers...she didn't knew why....but somehow....somewhere God wanted this. She wanted an identity of her own. She wanted people to know for what she is and not for what she can be. She wanted to be known by her own name and not by the surname given to her by her family. She wanted to make a difference in her life. And today she could see how successful she was. She never ever knew that those strangers....who just came in her life few days before.....those strangers would become such an important part in her life that she couldn't live with them. Today she knew that even if she is nowhere in this world.....means that even if she is dead, she would be in those hearts as a remembrance. Today, her friends had given her such a thing that she could never ever forget. Today, on her birthday, she realized how special someone can feel due to friends. She always loved them....but today she felt blessed on having friends like that to wish her on her birthday....when she herself had no hopes from her birthday. She had decided that she would sleep the entire day to pass this day off as nothing. She had no plans. But when she received the shocks her friends gave her, she just couldn't help but feel gratified. Usually she was always full of this I don't mean that she is She was always a quiet girl...but she had a good vocabulary and knew when to use which word. But today after seeing all the things, she just fell in love more and more with her friends and she had absolutely no words to describe her happiness. She wanted to shout at the top of her lungs how much she loved the gifts. She always felt that she is not wanted....she is no one in special....but today, her friends made her realize that a person is always special in someone's eyes. And she knew how much they all meant to her. She knew that she is nothing without them. She always knew that....but today her happiness had no bounds when she had such a brilliant and unexpected surprise. The gifts by her friends, though were not in real, but they were somehow like a fairytale for her. She felt like a princess. She felt overjoyed. Her happiness had no boundaries. She was one lucky girl to have friendship like this. Today, she had no problem with God even if He calls her with Him. Cause today, she had lived the happiness worthy of a lifetime. Today she felt like a baby in the pram who is made to enjoy and who is loved by all. She was a simple girl who only dreamt of a nice and clean world around her....but every time she trusted someone, they just made her repent for her decision...she had left the power of even trusting anyone. But today, she was happy that she trusted someone in her life more than she could trust anyone.....she trusted some people unknown......and those unknown people came out to be the people whom she could trust blindly. Those people tied a knot of friendship in her heart which was stronger than anything in the entire world. True friends are hard to find....and she was one lucky girl who had so many true friends in her life. She really was lucky...and to make the matter better, her friends seemed to love her a lot. And this was the thing that made her merrier. Today, when she had decided that she won't come online and lay back....but somehow she some unknown force made her come, she came only to get the biggest shock of her life. She never expected so many gifts on her birthday and could have never had expected so many people wishing her birthday. For her, their wishes meant a lot to her. Because she knew that each person took out their time from their schedule to wish her. And she felt gratified to them. She didn't have any words to speak. If anyone could have seen the smile on her face, a crimson red color on her cheeks with her eyes twinkling with joy....when she saw these links. If only anyone could have heard the tone of her voice when she said that "I am so happy." If anyone could have heard the sparkling smile she was having right now....if anything could measure the amount of happiness she was breathing in....if anyone could even feel what she could have felt when she saw the links.....if...

And she was so happy by this that she just sang something for them...and the only song that came into her mind was this. She didn't have had the voice to sing. Her voice was choked by their love. But she wanted to sing something and because many of her friends wanted her to sing, she sang. And this time she didn't cared about the musical chords... because they had touched her heart's chords. So without caring for anything, she sang.

The song

And this time, God was with her. When she sang, she felt something numb. She felt out f the world today. No one could define her happiness. The English language had no words to describe the look on her face to describe the emotions she felt in her heart today. Actually emotions would fall short to even tell what expressions she was having. As a lone tear trickle down her cheeks, she knew one thing....that this tear was not of sadness but of happiness. Sometimes you have so much happiness in your heart that it pours out of your eyes. And such was her case. A perfect case of true friendship. And she was the luckiest girl in the universe to have such friends.

- Mahak


  1. It is one of the best posts I read so far Mahak !

    Such sincere words straight from the heart and the love overflowing...amazing :)

    Tried to open the link and hear you sing but couldnt....

  2. @Harsh sir- Thank you so much.

    It's related to me...and when it comes to expressing my own feelings, I am usually comfortable by using third person...

    And yeah, you are right. These are straight from my heart. And at that time, I was literally choked with emotions and love. So yeah, this came out. must have expired. I have uploaded a new link today then. But, lemme tell you clearly, i am not a good singer at all.

    But thanks, from the bottom of my heart, to leave such precious comments, here.

    - Mahi

  3. God ! that was a super cute ... like an RJ :D Who said you have a not-so-good voice,it is so nice..closed my eyes and listened to it :) My mom likes to sing this song a lot and she is also a very nice asked her to sing it again yest ... superb !

  4. @Harsh sir- Cute? Seriously? Thank you..

    RJ? Hmm....yeh toh main ban sakti to my unmatchable capability to talk continuously... :D

    I say that i don't have a good voice...i am nervous most of the time i sing. Thank you. Glad your ear-drums are fine. :D

    Really? That's great. I love old songs. Oldies make me feel emotions and everything...they have meaning...and new songs ke toh meaning hi nahi hote hain! And i jst hate meaningless songs.

    It's cute when your parents sing. I ask my father to sing with me. He has a great voice quality. And we match :)

    p.S. - I talk a LOT. As you must have observed. sorry, correction...i type a lot. When it comes to speaking on the spot, i am a gone case.

  5. Yup Seriously that was super cute...and loved it even more because it was early morning and i had just woken up :)

    you have a very nice voice ... and far from damaging the ear drums :P

    Excepting the chants in sanskrit...even i dont like the music without meaning..

    Aww that is so cute ...father and daughter singing together <3

    A coming writer SHOULD write/type a lot :D

  6. @Harsh Sir- God! You heard it in the morning? Gosh! I can never do that. i would have been afraid. :P

    Thank you..glad your ear drums are safe and sound. And you like it. :)

    Vaise bhi, this time i am volunteering in Aircel competition for solo singing..or rather grp.

    Yeah, me and papa love singing together..all oldies...and we have a GRT time together.

    LOL... *fingers crossed* Hope so... i type a LOT

  7. There are somethings I do and you cant do and somethings which you do and I cant do :D

    and making fun of yourself huh ! :X

    oh where is the competition happening?

    nice and Happy Family Mahak..touch-wood :)

    Keep it(the typing) up !

  8. @Harsh Sir- What?? :O Okay, I got it.

    Yeah, I make fun of myself bcoz i never wanna be egoistic in nature. It sucks. college only. You must be knowing. You are the senior!

    Yeah...nice family...Touch wood.

    Surely I would keep my typing up :)

  9. @ it ? good :D

    Nice technique of not being egoistic !

    Hmm the Sacred Chants competition?

  10. @Harsh Sir- Yup, I got it :D

    Yeah...aur kya? agar hum egoistic ho gaye toh? Better hai ki khud ko under-estimate karo.

    Yeah...I am gonna sing 'Ek tu hi bharosa' from movie Pukar.

  11. @ Mahak- Nice song and you sing it beautifully :)

  12. @Harsh Sir - Glad to know that :)

    Main toh darr gai thi ki sab log achanak se chup kyun ho gaye...I was very afraid. *sheepish muh*

    I thought ki i finally broke their ear-drums *rolls her eyes*