Friday, July 08, 2011

Unexpected [Chapter 1]

Chapter 1
                                              Fire and Ice


As she walked away from him, he moved a bit more closer and she knew this was the time….he held her shoulders and his grip made her fall weak in her knees….she was not sure if she wanted to do this but there was no escape route this time! She knew that he was hers and she was his….it was just a matter of seconds before they could be united. He inched closer to her and this was not the best part. He kept his hands on her bare shoulders and she stood on her toes…..then they came closer and closer and they were about to kiss…when…

*I like the feel of your name on my lips
And I like the sound of your sweet gentle kiss
The way that your fingers run through my hair
And how your scent lingers even when you're not there
And I like the way your eyes dance when you laugh
And how you enjoy your two hour bath
And how you convinced me to dance in the rain
With everyone watching like we were insane*

The sound of the alarm made me jump out of my bed and I made a frowning face. My friend made me wake up and I removed my bed sheets. I made a face and said, "What the hell! Why out of all the days you have to wake me up today so soon? I was watching such a beautiful dream."

Why do people don't let others sleep? Isn't the phrase like live and let live? But surely Suzanne knew nothing! She is one heck of a trouble. She always wakes me up and I hate her for that. To talk about sleep, what time is it?

"Oh shut up Nupur! What freaking hell? Do you ever understand that you need to get up early?" Suzanne coolly explained.

I made a face and tried to hide myself in covers. I said, "This is UK for Christ sake! Why the hell do you wake me up? You are a chudail kind of friend."

Now I knew that Suzanne won't be able to understand that chudail thingy. The best part about knowing Hindi- you can say abusive language on everyone's face, yet they won't get it! Suzanne was no exception.

Suzanne was confused and she frowned. Suzanne asked, "What the hell were you saying? What kind of friend? I couldn't get it!"

Oh and that's why I use Hindi in front of you, darling. If you can understand Hindi, then why would I use it for you?
I coolly said, "Oh! Well, I said that you are the sweetest friend of mine who as sweet as honey. Mann toh karta hai ki tumhara khoon kar doon…bevkoof kahin ki! Itna acha sapna dekh rahi thi....har roz jaga deti ho! Koi aur kaam nahi hai kya?"

Suzanne didn't got a bit at all. She said, "Nupur sometimes I think I must learn Hindi so that I can help you."

This made me startled. I brushed my long silky hairs aside and said, "No, don't worry about that. I am here na. I would love to translate what I say into English. So don't worry about the crap."

Suzanne smiled at me and said, "Ok. But, you need to go to the orphanage. You always go there right?"

This made me smile and I said, "Yup, I am just going there."

And I got dressed into an off-shoulder black top with grey shaded jeans. I took my breakfast in her hands and left from there.


Another morning means another 18 hours full of work. I reached my office at the right time. I wore red shirt with blue faded jeans which made me look ravishing. All the office staff girls were amazed by the sight as usual. They were ogling at me like I was an expensive dress. Don't these girls have some real business?

 No one in my office wanted to take a leave ever, especially the girls. How can anyone dare miss the chance to see a hunk every morning?

I was smiling after receiving the phone call. I was happy that my mother was coming to stay with me. I was busy on my phone when my personal secretary Alice entered.

Alice came and asked, "Sir, can I please have the leave for two days? I need to go to visit my sister."

I didn't like this idea. I mean, it was going to be some discipline or not? I didn't want her to go. A meeting was coming and Mayank Sharma never goes without a secretary.

I told her blankly, "No ways. Our meeting with Miss Christine is on its way. So I can't allow you to go. Either you leave the job to go or you can continue doing the work."

 I knew she would try to save the job. It was unexpected when she said, "Sir, I better leave the job. You can hire a new P.A. in two days."

How dare she say that? I will show her that I can hire a P.A. in one day only! Damn her!

And with this, she left the office.

Well, I will show you Miss Alice that I can get a gorgeous P.A within a day. You bet that no one can resist my charm.

"Oh crap" I said as I remember that I had to go to an orphanage for some donations. Money can buy anything and anyone!


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