Friday, August 12, 2011

New paths

This is a short extract from my novel 'Arrange Marriage'. As usual, like I have already told you, in Arrange Marriage, I have used far many intricate pieces of my work.

This was written...for Nupur...when she was going to get engaged. It marked the beginning of her day with different feelings she felt. And it showed the confusion she had regarding the beginning of her new life.

In this her feelings are compared to that with nature. Okay, this is my habit. Whenever I am lost, I compare my feelings to the beautiful nature around me. So, I did that in this FF too.

The lost and forlorn look in my eyes,
The beautiful blue peacock sky.

The footsteps of a new phase in life,
The sun shining really bright.

The events preceding that of mine,
Tonight would be something divine.

The pool of emotions in my heart,
The lonely walk in a park.

The new sunshine was waiting for me,
The new sensation for me to feel.

The new path was waiting for me,
The new roads were meant to be.

I am excited and nervous for sure,
What to feel and what not?

Do comment if you like it :)

- Mahi...nah....This poem is by Mahak... :)


  1. Nice...looks like Nupur is more excited than sad ...right?

  2. @Harsh Sir- Yup...Nupur is very excited. She already likes him...Thanks a lot.

  3. kaash tumhare poems syllabus me hote ... tab main pakka padh ke jaata ... :p

  4. @Shan- *laughs badly* Arrey... meri saari friends yahi bolti hain... *laughs* Thank you so much... Is wierd dhang se sahi, you liked my poems :P

  5. it was pleasure to appreciate u in my way !! u deserve more than this !! someday you'll be a world renown writer cum singer ... bas aise hi lage rehna ... :)

  6. @Shan- Aww... thank you sooo much... This means a LOT to me.. a lot se bhi zyada...