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Chapter 5

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Nupur's POV-

This time I knew that we had to decide......before going in.....we were supposed to answer all the questions.....and decide whether we want to marry or not.....and this was not a easy thing to do. We both were comfortable with each other....but still had some unasked questions which I thought were necessary to be spilled out to avoid future problems.

And this time I knew that I had to do the task.....because we were just walking to and fro without even talking...i think our eyes were communicating more than what words could say. And I am a type of girl who loves all simple things possible in this world....and I don't like talking more....and he seemed to know my eye language.

He asked me, "Do you want to ask something more?" and he again smiled his million dollar smile. I don't know about him, but I surely love his smile.

And I was bound to ask him, "Actually yes, do you have any questions regarding my past or my life?" I told him the thing that was bothering me. I wanted to clear out each and everything in front of him.

Mayank's POV-

The look on her face was telling me that there was something that was bothering her....and as much as I could understand her, I knew that she is not the type of a girl who would spill the beans first. So I had to ask her, and her question made me I really want to know her past? Am I not concerned with her future? Do I look like a guy who wants to have a girl who has everything good in her? I mean everyone should have some faults in them...otherwise they wouldn't be called as normal! But I guess she wanted to clear things out with me.

I said, "First of all, I am only concerned with your future and not your past. Secondly, if there is anything that you want to tell me, then I have no objection to listen.....but only if you want to tell. Although it won't make any difference to me. And regarding myself, I had no past....although the girls were fida over me, I didn't seemed to like anyone of them. I don't think that I can be called as a boy who even had a crush on any girl, because I didn't had ever. Well, this was my dukhi atmakatha....i had choices of girls.....but I had no time to spare with them. So basically, you r the first girl in my life."

I could see through her eyes the amount of respect she was having for me....i could really see that. She is very expressive with her eyes. And I seem to notice them and read every unsaid word by her. I am a good reader of eyes....and she is a good speaker of eyes.....a perfect match! Woot! What are you thinking Mayank? You seem to like her now. Well, it wasn't my fault, but hers. She was beautiful.....both inside and outside. And I can't think of a person who won't like her.

She said, "Well, the same is with me. I won't say that the boys were fida over me....even if they were, which I sincerely doubt, I don't know about their feelings. I had time to spend with boys, but no wish. I wanted to make my husband the first ever person in my life. I am not so beautiful that a boy would even like me. I am just a simple and plain ordinary girl."

When she concluded, God knows why but I felt somewhat proud that she is going to be mine. But I felt somewhat sad that she doesn't even know how beautiful she is. She doesn't even realize her worth!

I said, "Is there anything more you wanted to ask me? Or shall we go inside and take a decision of a lifetime? I don't know about you, but it is a "yes" from my side. I somehow seem to like you."

I saw the blush rising up her cheeks...coloring her white cheeks into another shade of light pink. It was obvious that she felt shy. God! Why is she so innocent and shy? I would always have to take the first step with her! But somehow, I love this fact that she would be with me through out my life....she is very sensible and mature.

She said while breaking my line of thoughts that, "I have no more questions to ask you. I want to go inside and take the decision now."

I said, "But what is your decision?"

She smiled and said, "Same as you."

And I felt delighted. We both headed towards the room trying to avoid each other's gaze which would only make us feel awkward. Somehow...sometimes some strangers seem to be more januable than anyone else.

Nupur's POV-

As soon as we stepped into the room, everyone became quiet. They were expecting us to say something. And I had no courage to tell them. I was blushing. But their eyes told us that they expected an answer. And I knew that too.

I heard Mrs. Sharma ask Mayank, "toh beta, kaisi lagi tumhe Nupur?" I wonder what type of question is this! I mean it should have been do-you-agree-to-marry-her-or-not? And she was asking if he liked me or not. And I don't think that any boy can ever like me.

But I became shocked when I heard him reply that, "ma, mujhe Nupur bahut pasand hai. Aur mujhe iski saadgi bhi bahut pasand hai. I want to marry her." Does he likes me?

Soon there was a cheer up sound. All people sitting there were rejoicing. And Samrat hugged his brother in happiness. And from the corner of my eyes, I could see some faint impression of a lipstick on his cheeks.....that too of the same shade Gunjan had applied.....which means...oh! So he and Gunjan were together again! Lovebirds I tell you! And I couldn't help but smile at this. And Gunjan too came forward to hug me. Wait! Won't they ask me? I mean, although it's a yes from my side...but won't they even ask me? What if I had to say no?

But then I heard him say, "wait! Are you guys not going to ask Nupur?"

He is such a gentleman! He knows my answer and then also he wants to hear it from my mouth. To him, I matter. He is so sweet. The respect for him in my heart increased.

My mother asked me, "Nupur, beta tera kya jawaab hai? Tujhe yeh rishta manzoor hai ki nahi?" she eyed me and I mentally thanked God that she didn't asked me if I like him or not...because I don't know what my answer would have been then.

I blushed and replied, " mujhe bhi yeh rishta manzoor hai." And could see his smile from the corner of my eye. While I was mere trying my best not to blush. It was a decision of a lifetime. And I knew that what does it costs.

Everyone was now rejoicing. And everyone shared sweets. While I bowed down to take blessings from my future mother-in-law. And I noticed that everyone was happy with me.

She said, "Beta, tum meri beti jaisi ho. Aur betiyan pair nahi chooti hain. Unki jagah toh dil mein hoti hai." And she hugged me. While I knew that it is the perfect house where I am going. I knew that. She gave me space in her heart. Only if all the mother-in-laws could become mother to their bahus....i knew that then there would be only peace in the house.

And soon everyone was beaming with happiness....and I also came to know that I have to go to a dinner with him along with Samrat and Gunjan. Now I was pretty much excited and nervous.

Mayank's POV-

Everyone was happy with our decision. We seemed to like each other too. And I couldn't find anything amiss in her. But now the time came of going. And I knew that now we had to leave. I too wanted to leave from here because Samrat was constantly nagging me about Nupur. And I knew the cause of the imprint on his cheeks too. I knew that he had again blackmailed Gunjan emotionally for a kiss. Gosh! I guess Samrat cannot wait until we get married. Everyone exchanged hugs and I too hugged everyone....everyone expect her. Then we went away from there.

This decision is the most important decision in everyone's life. Sometimes we think that how could we spend our lives with a stranger whom we don't even know....but with the passing time, that stranger becomes more closer to us than anyone ever can. And I guess this is the first step towards the eternal bond.....this is the decision of a lifetime.

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