Friday, August 12, 2011

Scoops for future update

i think i can never get tired of making banners for it and my other ffs....EmbarrassedLOLLOLLOL

i know that it had been literally ages since i updated this. u all knew the reason. Actually my pc got formatted, and after that i discontinued all my ffs and started a new one. But now i am slowly but steadily going to continue all my ffs and this is the first one i am going to do. Thanks a lot for supporting me.Hug

A special thanks to Pooja, jeni, varsha and mahima for constantly reminding me to update this.Hug

The update would be within this week only. Till then enjoy this promo which is for sure gonna make you wonder what happened!LOL

Gunjan's pov-
I saw her instantly turning and I could see her blushing. Oh! So she is still thinking about jiju. I saw her rosy cheeks and also her twinkling eyes. I guess, she likes him or else respects him. Cause di only smiles with those people whom she likes. She is such an innocent girl, I wonder what would happen to her. People always love her and know that is she does something, that is bound to be nice. She never thinks of herself but others. Although she shows that she doesn't care, she does, and who except me can answer this? She might seem to be a strong girl outside, but from inside, she is no less than a wax. She even melts if someone drops four crocodile tears in front of her. She is nave!

Samrat's pov-
I heard the phone ringing and I picked up my phone only to be greeted by my Gunjan. She filled me with Nupur's news and I was happy for my brother. I know that Nupur still doesn't like him more than a person in general, but I still would hope that she falls for my cousin Mayank. I knew Nupur very closely. And maybe that's the reason I had a crush on her earlier. She is very sweet and my now to become Bhabhi.
Mayank's pov-
 Samrat went away after his teasing session. And I again started reading the documents. I was so busy trying to read the file. While I very well knew that I was waiting to meet her, infact, dying to meet her. What the hell should I wear? And when would this time pass? I am really very nervous to meet her. I want to portray a good but true image of her future husband.
Nupur's pov-
He has gone to his own house.....but what is that is happening with me? Why can't I forget him? Why is still his touch haunting me like anything? Why can I still feel his hands on my waist? For God's sake, I want to know that why is he seeming so close to me already?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Guy's! this is what i can give u.....cause this is what i have written so far....there is a song in this dinner......and this dinner date would show u the contrasting feelings mayur and sajan have towards each other.....
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Scoops Of The Future Update:

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