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'Disobedient bride' by Helen Bianchin

Disobedient bride by Helen Bianchin

Ohk, I am not good at writing book review. So, pardon me when I am wrong.

Now we come to the book.

I am the biggest bookworm you can find, when it comes to novels. I have a decent collection of them and have read over 10,000 books.

And I have read over 500 mills and boons novels. I know those are addictive.

Whenever I see an M&B, I wonder what was different. But then, I read the summary.

Summary:  Twelve months ago their marriage was perfect....
Then billionaire Tyler Benedict returns home to find his bed empty and Lianne Marshall, his wife, gone! Now Tyler will do anything to get his bride back!
Tyler hires Lianne to be his personal lawyer -- it's a deal she can't refuse. But this time Lianne is wise to Tyler's ways: he's after more than just a business arrangement; he wants her back where he feels she belongs... at his bidding!

Pages: 192

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: 1st May, 2005

Needless to say, I found it intriguing. Who wouldn’t? I just love second chances.

My assessment: When I started reading it, I found that the more I read, the more I was intrigued. Needless to say, I completed it in one time itself. It was as if, there was some mystic aura around it. I didn’t even realize how 3 hours went away.

And when I completed the book, I was like ‘cool story’.

The chemistry was literally cracking between them. Sizzling, rather. There was sexual tension around them. Both characters were nicely portrayed.

Although, I loved Tyler more than Lianne. Lianne’s character lacks one thing: Trust in her marriage. She didn’t even give him a reason to explain.

They got distanced because she thought that he had an affair with his best friend. And yeah, he couldn’t come back on time due to his new responsibilities after the death of his father. Typical, isn’t it?

The story started when Tyler landed up as Lianne’s new client. She worked in a law firm. But as soon as she saw her husband, she knew that he meant real business.

I totally enjoyed how the chemistry was cracking. They even ended up in same apartment, pertaining to Tyler’s wish. He did everything possible that was impossible to do. He always went close to her.

I somehow loved Lianne’s resistance to him. God knows why, but I just LOVE disobedient brides. It makes reading fun.

I am literally irrevocably in love with Tyler’s character. He was warm, cold, trusting, indifferent, loving, scornful and extremely possessive. I loved the possessive streak in him.

I don’t know why, but I love reading about guys who are possessive about their girls and can’t tolerate anyone hurting them. And Tyler was the typical possessive guy in M&B. He was the typical alpha male. And yeah, I just loved how he delivered his speeches, making a strong impact on the readers.

I am gonna quote some of his lines…which are my favorite ones.

‘I take care of what is mine,’ Tyler assured with dangerous silkiness.

Now Lianne’s chin lifted and her eyes seared his. ‘I’m no longer yours.’
He was silent for what seemed an age, and his voice when he spoke was dangerously soft. ‘No?

‘Or is it yourself you’re afraid of?’
He was right on the button, she conceded, and held down the anger. ‘That doesn’t deserve an answer.’
‘A bed, Lianne.’
‘As long as you understand it won’t be mine.’
One eyebrow rose. ‘I wasn’t aware I implied it might be.’
And all of the above quotes are from chapter 1 itself. Imagine how interesting it was for me to read. I just loved his indifferent attitude and her resistance towards him. Also, I loved that when her boss’s son tried to irk her, Tyler became excessively possessive. Also, some cute scenes always followed that.

Tyler was a dangerous man. But somehow, the danger element made him all the more interesting to know about. He knew what he wanted and he got it.

Like the usual M&B’s, this book is VERY intense.

The last scene, as usual, comprised of a confession. And as usual, the confession lacked the cheesy lines. A simple ‘I love you, more than life itself’ from Tyler along with ‘Same with you. You have my trust, always’ from Lianne, marked the confession scene.

It was cute and yet very intense. I was pinkish by the time I reached this line. Confession was to the point. Although, I would never understand why the characters only confessed in the end!

Epilogue wasn’t there yet it seemed perfect.

This book is so sensual, romantic and nicely written, that I read it two times. And I can’t give you the details about ‘sensual’ parts, because I always skip the graphic scenes. They make me uncomfortable.

Ummm, if you need to read this book, I have its eBook. You can easily ask me for it.

My rating: Needless to say, its 4.0/5.0 for me. This book is really nice. But at some places, I was really disappointed. Could have been better, if only Helen had paid attention on development of Lianne. Also, I would have loved if she hadn’t been so utterly idiot to trust someone else and not the person she married.

- Mahak


  1. Awesome review Mahak. and I enjoyed reading those quotes.

    10,000 is a huge number and you are a real gem !

  2. @Harsh Sir- Thank you.

    Even i did. I loved those lines in the book.'s a great number, but i enjoy adding more and more to it. :D

    Gem? Thank you :)

  3. Good Luck adding the numbers Mahak and become the most widely read person of India/World :D

  4. @Harsh Sir- Correction : I am not the most widely read person of India/ World. I am never allowing people to read me. So, I am gonna be the reader.