Thursday, August 11, 2011


This piece is nothing new. I am just adding it from my FF 'Arrange Marriage' in which this extract served as Nupur's point of view. But as we all know, in 'Arrange Marriage', I have kept myself at Nupur's place for many a times. So, I shared this intimate piece from my personal diary.

I am girl...who loves sunsets more than  I can ever love sunrises. Although people generally prefer sunrises more than sunsets because sunsets gives them a picture of sorrow. But, not for me.

Lemme share it:

'Dear Diary, aaj kya kahoon tumse? Kitni saari baatein kehni hai tumse...hmm...chalo aaj baat karte hain suraj ki...

Kehte hain ki ugta hua suraj bahut sundar hota hai. Usmein ek chanchalta hoti hai. Kabhi naraz...toh kabhi hasta hai woh. Lekin na jaane kyun...mere dil ko ugte huye suraj se zyada doobta hua suraj acha lagta hai. Main hamesha sochti hoon ki aakhir kahan jaata hai suraj? Paani mein kyun mil jaata hai?

Sabki nazron se chup kar, aakhir kisse milne jaata hai? Kya woh bhi kisi se pyaar karta hai? Kya kisi ko uska bhi intezaar hai? Aakhir kaun hai woh? Kya sirf chand ke aane par hi woh apne pyaar se mil paata hai? 

Bahut logon ko doobta hua suraj bilkul nahi pasand hota hai...unhe lagta hai ki woh 'the end' ko batata hai...par...aisa nahi hai.

Mujhe lagta hai ki doobta hua suraj 'hope' ko bata hai...agar aaj dooba hai, toh kal phir laut kar aayega. Agar zindagi mein dukh hai...toh sukh phir aayega. I wish I knew ki suraj kahan jaata hai...

P.S: I love sunsets. :) '

And before you ask, mujhe sach mein sunsets bahut pasand hain. Likhne ke liye nahi...balki sach much pasand hai mujhe. Doobte huye suraj ko dekhne ka maza hi kuch aur hai. Aasman mein har taraf khoobsurat rang bikhar jaata hai...maano suraj ne use apne rang diya ho.

And before you say, that I am a hopeless romantic person, let me tell you that Aashi and my mother already have said this so many times and I myself know that.

And yeah, I love nature. As it is. For what it is.

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  1. are the best writer I have ever met. How can you write like this? I truly never loved sunsets before reading this. I only loves sunrises. But now, i too love sunsets. Do write more...and keep telling me about it.

  2. Mahak- very cool view of Sunset and loved it where you said logo ko sunset 'the end' lagta hai but mujhe to Hope lagta hai ! wow...

  3. @Swati- Hii...God...thank you. That's a big compliment, so thanks a ton for showering it upon me.

    How can I write like this? I am not getting it...I have always been different. I have different views regarding everything in my life. It's just simple.

    U too? I-F par bhi kai logon ne yahi kaha...I am glad that you love sunsets now. :)

    Sure thing. I would keep on doing so :)

  4. @Harsh Sir- Thank you. I just different views about everything in nature. I always felt hope whenever i saw sunsets. Especially from sunset-point in Gujrat.

    Thank you once again :)

  5. Lovely introduction, enticing us with that which is not ordinary but in fact extraordinary.

    I really did not imagine that you would lead us to 'aakhir kahan jaata hai suraj.' Very unique and off the map.

    Then you layer it with a slight sheer, shimmering sheer of 'Sabki nazron se chup kar, aakhir kisse milne jaata hai?' Beautifully done.

    'Kya sirf chand ke aane par' Made me view the moon in a new light. Poetically woven.

    I wonderfully glimpse into a wonderful heart. Thanks for sharing.

  6. @ Sabah – Oh, Thanks a lot yaar. Well, human being can never work out the workings of my heart. I often wonder soooo many things, that I myself become confused.

    Thank you. I am a hopeless romantic girl, so I added a little bit of romance in it.

    LOL. Thanks a ton yaar. God knows why everyone told me that my view changed their point of view. Lol.

    Glad that you found it poetic :)

    Thanks yaar. Hamare dil ko samajhne ke liye…shukriya. :)

    It was entirely my pleasure :) Thanks a ton for the reply :)