Monday, August 15, 2011

E.N.V [Chapter 10]

I quietly listened to everything she had to say. I couldn't believe how someone can be such a bas***d! She was blind for God sake! How could he do something with someone like her?

She is so innocent…like the dew drops on a rose. She was more fragile than the petals of a rose. Although she is very strong and can handle everything, yet she was lonely. Surely there must be someone made for her.

Someone who would accept her the way she is….someone who would love her unconditionally…someone who would hold her in his arms and love her to eternity.

As soon as I visualized someone holding her in his arms, my blood boiled. The image was revolting. I felt panic…possession…pain. And then I realized something.

I was falling for her, if I hadn't already.

I was lost in my thoughts….trying to figure out how and when this had happened. And then, her voice broke my trance.

"Itna sab kuch sunne ke baad bhi aap yahin hain? Aapko kuch nahi kehna hai?"

She still doubted me? I felt hurt. How could she doubt me after all this? And then, I just realized how much she mattered to me…how much her opinion of me mattered to me.

"Kehna hai na."

She winced. It was as if she was prepared to take the blow yet she was nervous.

"Toh kahiye na. Kya kehna chahte hain aap? And ghabraiye mat…agar aap abhi humein chod kar bhi chale jaayein, toh bhi hum aapko dosh nahi denge. Galti humari hi thi…aur vaise bhi hum aapko sahara dene aaye the…toh hum aap se sahare ki ummeed kabhi bhi nahi karenge."

Was she serious? I braced myself for the impact I was going to make on her. I had to say this out. I couldn't hold it any longer. It was now or never.

"Pankhudi…marry me?"

She looked damn shocked. Her eyes dilated and then she turned to stone. She had shut off all her emotions. I could see that in those eyes. And then she said something which broke my heart.


To be continued...

Okay, I have been very busy with my life.I am extremely sorry for the delay. I am gonna try and come online everyday from now on. Only two more chapters to go. Also, I am planning on a new SS, which is partly written, but I am never gonna publish it until I finish this one.

I know, wrong point to leave it. But then, we all love cliff hangers, don't we? ;)

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  1. aww ...sad for the guy. will wait for the next part

  2. @Harsh Sir- Have you even read the earlier parts?? :P

    Coz if you did, you won't bad for him :D

  3. @Harsh Sir- I can't believe you can read a story from its middle! :O

  4. hahaha...even i can't believe it just like that because it was the latest post and ab usne Propose kiya hai aurr ladki ne mana kar diya i thought guy must have felt bad :D

  5. @Harsh Sir- If you had read from the beginning, you would have understood why. She wasn't prepared for it.

    Besides, it isn't his proposal yet. I don't write such simple confession one-shots. LOL. I am not cheesy, but not simple too, when it comes to writing.

  6. @ Mahak - Ok will read it from the beginning :)

    Lets find out what it is *excited to know :D*

  7. @Harsh Sir- Yeah yeah sure :)