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I won't fall in love with you... Chapter 2

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Udayveer's pov-

As I entered my room, I heard Manyata arguing with Jainandini. I don't how I am going to handle this wild girl. She is so damn stubborn. She is like a challenge to me, but then, I just love challenges.

I counter-replied to her and helped Jainandini in exiting the room. I don't know why Jai still won't give up. Now, I belong to Manyata. She can't have me. I am a married man, and I keep my commitments.

As I locked the door, and faced Manyata, I saw her all decked up in a red-and-green lehenga. She looked exquisite. Her long, black hair was open and flowing. She had applied makeup. She had applied a baby pink coat to her already kissable lips, along with a thin touch of eye-liner, which made her eyes darker.

I always knew that she was beautiful, but not this beautiful. I made my way towards her and saw her backing away. Why was she this nervous?  As I came close to her, I saw fear in her eyes. What? Why? Was she afraid of me?

When I nearly reached her, she said, "Dur reh mujhse. Tujhe pata hai, ki tu kya hai?"

I smirked and said, "Umhm. Kya hai? Halkat? Veda? Khasmanukhaniya ya tharakapeepa? Right?"

I saw clear astonishment in her eyes. She was surprised that I had managed to remember all those swearing thrown at me. Well, how could I forget? I tend to remember everything.

She said, "Tujhe koi farak nahi padta ki main tujhe kuch bhi bolun?"

I replied, "You know what? Jab tum hamare liye itni rang birangi bhasha ka istemaal karti ho na, toh hamein bada acha lagta hai. Lekin yeh sab chodo. Aaj in baton mein samay barbaad karne ki jagah, I would prefer to do romance."

And then… I moved further.

Third person's pov-

As Udayveer moved on, she moved backwards. She was backed up against a wall. She knew that there was no exit. She was scared yet she felt excitement. He still moved on. She was crushed to his chest.

There was no room for anything. The air held electric sparks. He felt something running through his veins. He felt a shaft of desire, coursing in his blood vessels. He wanted to have Manyata.

Manyata felt something running down her body. She had no idea what she was feeling. She had never felt this way with someone. She had never been this close with anyone else. But then, Uday was her husband.

The entire room felt electrically charged. Her lips quivered as his lips came closer to hers. Their breaths were intermingling with each other. No one knew which breath was whose. The distance was less than a millimeter.

Both felt something magical in the air. They both felt like something big was about to happen. This seemed like the 'IT' moment. It felt perfect. He closed the already close distance. He just waited for her absolute surrender.

She was melting. She closed her eyes in anticipation of this moment. The kiss was about to happen. She didn't want to want this. She hated herself for wanting this to happen. She hated herself for wanting a person, who had made her come out of her life and accept the reality.

As soon as this thought came to her mind, she came back to reality. She felt it was all wrong. She pushed him back with full force, ruining the moment. He wasn't ready for the blow, and so, he nearly lost his balance.

That's it for today :) Hope you liked this one.

UV calling himself those words... Haaye! I actually swooned when he did so. I mean, he looked utterly adorable. So, I included them in this FF as well :D

I used "third person's pov" to show romance as I wanted to show what both of them were feeling at that moment. I hope that is fine with you all :) I am too shy *blushes*

And again, I am indeed sorry for stopping at this point. But, I didn't want to spoil the posting another half.
In the next part, there would be a tiff between Manveer, but you know, all that happens in this FF, would be for Manveer's better future ;) So, stay tuned :)

And the next parts would be I have to manage my college work as well :)

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- Mahak

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