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I won't fall in love with you... Chapter 3

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Udayveer's pov-
As I nearly fell, I had no idea what went wrong. How could such an endearing moment turn out this way? I was just so close to kiss her! 

I looked at her and said, "What the…?"

She looked at me and said, "I know that you are my husband and you have every right to touch me and make me yours. Lekin… main aisa kabhi bhi nahi hone doongi. Nafrat hai mujhe tumse."

What? Just few minutes back, she had closed her eyes and had wanted that kiss to happen like I wanted. And now, she was trying to back away? I won't let that happen.

I moved forward towards her, but she raised her hands. She made a wall between us, by her hands. I reached out my hands to touch her and reason out with her.

But then, she said, "Kaha na… dur reh mujhse. Don't try to force yourself on me!"

Her words felt like icy cold water to my mood. How dare she…? How can she even think of that? I was furious. I needed out. I know I may leave a bruise on her, but I had to make my point clear.

I held her hands strongly and said, "Agar tumhe lagta hai ki main kabhi bhi tumhe tumhari marzi ke bina… haath bhi lagaoonga… toh tum dobara soch lo. I am not a monster like you think me to be. I am evil, but not this evil. I am not a predator!"

I knew I would do something rash, so… I left the room and went out in the garden.

Manyata's pov-

As he went out, I wondered. Had I really hurt him that much? I know my words were very cruel and rash, but then… how can I trust him? He may be acting for all I know!

He is the same person who had recognized me and trapped me in this fairytale. I have to hate him. There is no other option. I was happy the way I was.

Due to him, I had to bear the torture of learning everything a princess is supposed to learn. I am not me anymore. I am sophisticated. I have learnt all the manners and English. I don't know how these can happen with me!

Earlier, I knew all languages except English. And now, I know how to speak eloquently in English and I had to let go of my slangs. I can't even sit as I like. There has to be a proper poise in that too!

I was just coping up with the enormous changes in my life, when suddenly; I had to get married to him. How can anyone expect me to fall for him? He is not someone I love or would have chosen to marry.

All I have seen is his evil side. How could I trust him and think better of him? I know it was wrong of me to accuse him for something he hadn't done. But who knows what he can do?

I won't deny the attraction I feel between us... something I never felt with Akash. But I can't take attraction for love. I won't make it a basis for our forced-yet-sacred relationship. I know the importance of marriage.

Even though a piece of my heart belongs to Akash, I belong to Udayveer. Now, it would be a sin for me to even think about Akash. He isn't there in my life anymore. Besides, I have grown up enough to realize that Akash was my crush… not love.

I never have been in love. And now, I don't think that I can ever fall in love. Now, I am married. I can't love another guy. And Udayveer… well, I can't love him. I won't fall in love with him. Ever.

As the memories of the past engulfed me, I took my pillow and prepared myself for a deep sleep.

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