Sunday, June 05, 2011 [Novel] *Still Going On*

Mayank and Nupur are best of friends. They work together in a matrimonial company. They are partners in their company which they have themselves opened. They find the match for others in their ompany named "" and after certain time, and due to permanent nagging by their parents to marry someone, they decide to find a match for each other. They know each other like no one knows. But during the period of finding match for each other, they eventually fall for each other. Will they confess? Will they marry? If yes, then how? 

Mayank :
A handsome boy, dedicated towards work. Believes in sincerity. He works in a matrimony. He has only one best friend in life that is Nupur Bhushan. Mayank always helps Nupur. they both share a relationship different than others....he is her business partner and always covers up for her. they are best of buddies that are always there for each other.

Nupur : She lives with his brother, Adhiraj. She is a fun-loving, bubbly girl. She loves parties, movies, and disco. But she knows her limits very well. She has many friends. But one is very special. Mayank Sharma, whom she likes as he is a genuine person. She works at the same Matrimony, Mayank works in. they both are business partners......both share everything with each other.....she is not that serious towards her work as mayank.....but mayank always covers up for her. and she loves him a lot as her best frd.

Mayank's Mother : Mayank's mom, who loves his son a lot. She knows Nupur, too. And likes her as a good, sweet and fun-loving girl. She owns a Sharma companies. As they are rich enough, Mayank is doing a job which he finds interesting. So he works for passion, not for money. she secretly wishes nupur to be her daughter-in-law. she is very friendly and sweet.....she desperately wants her son to marry now.

Adiraj : Adhiraj works in a software company and he can do anything for his sister. But he doesn't like Mayank much. but he likes how mayank is serious.......he wishes that in mayank's company nupur too becomes responsible. he wishes that her sister too becomes someone who is very serious towards work.....and loves someone. He wants her to be married to know what responsibilities are.  

Poorab : he is a fun loving guy....a party types. one would surely find him in any of the parties which are sponsored.....he has his crush on nupur....and she too would like him.....but......but he wud end up making mayur close.....

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Chapter 1

Chapter 2


To be continued....



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